Your One-Stop Resources On ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

Title Symbol Start Date End Date Description Links
LocalCoinSwap LCS 2018-04-15 2018-06-15
The world's most inclusive and expansive P2P Crypto marketplace.
Adblurb ADBL 2018-04-01 2018-05-30
Adblurb - The Future of Advertising !
CoinPlace CPL 2018-03-20 2018-04-15
CoinPlace is multi-currency P2P marketplace.
Giftcoin GIFT 2018-03-20 2018-04-19
The world's first cryptocurrency for charitable giving and good causes
Opporty OPP 2018-03-20 2018-04-20
Opporty: The first decentralized service marketplace with Blockchain-enabled Escrow
Rexpax REXX 2018-03-20 2018-04-20
World's first Home Online
Tiqpit Solutions PIT 2018-03-20 2018-04-23
Decentralized, intelligent, transparent and inter-operable blockchain/distributed ledger solutions with trusted entities in a trustless environment, in which commodity and energy supply contracts are carried out automatically and performed directly between producers and consumers (peer-to-peer)
TrustedHealth TDH 2018-03-20 2018-04-27
A decentralised ecosystem in specialised medicine engineered on blockchain.
Composite Cylinders Advanced CCA 2018-03-20 2018-04-30
A unique project uniting the real sector and the blockchain technology!
Bubbletone UMT 2018-03-20 2018-05-20
Bubbletone Blockchain in Telecom is the first decentralized telecom ecosystem that allows mobile network operators, phone users and service providers to interact directly.
Vooglue VGC 2018-03-20 2018-06-21
To be the preferred provider of art ecosystem enablers for permanently connecting digital media and eCommerce counterparts to physical art.
Nuvus Blockchain GET 2018-03-19 2018-03-30
Nuvus Blockchain is building global exchange platform for big data and supply chain verification ecosystem for the Medical and Recreational Cannabis.
SprintX SPTX 2018-03-19 2018-04-22
SprintX will become the quality standard and reliability for launching ICOs
DARTOB DART 2018-03-19 2018-05-15
DARTOB is the world’s first crypto auction house, which deals with the creation and marketing of crypto artwork on a global level.
Synthestech STT 2018-03-19 2018-05-19
Synthestech is a scientific research center engaged in technology development for synthesis of precious metals and valuable isotopes.
eHealth First EHF 2018-03-18 2018-04-18
Platform for Personalized Health and Longevity Management
WorldWiFi WT 2018-03-18 2018-04-18
Decentralized free wifi network powered by blockchain
Luxcess Group LXC 2018-03-18 2018-04-22
First investment found with zero commission and life time rewards for contributors!
Dopameme Token Sale DMT 2018-03-17 2018-05-12
Dopameme is a decentralized platform aiming to tokenize memes
Consentium CSM 2018-03-16 2018-03-22
Multi digital currency and group monetisation chat application
CEDEX CED 2018-03-16 2018-04-13
Transforming Diamonds into a new asset class
MOBILINK-COIN MBX 2018-03-16 2018-04-15
Telecom + Blockchain = Free Unlimited Mobile Voice & Data
NTOK NTOK 2018-03-16 2018-04-15
NTOK is a global decentralized ecosystem for continuing education aimed at allowing tutors and students to interact via an online platform based on a blockchain.
Crypto Angel ANGEL 2018-03-16 2018-04-21
CryptoAngel is virtual life guide, a Blockchain based Artificial intelligence designed to enhance human intelligence, it is a system that is smart enough to understand and predict your intentions and serve as your independent future advocate in uncertain, unknowable and unpredictable future time frames.
Octaneum 8AN 2018-03-16 2018-04-27
Octaneum is a commodities marketplace powered by blockchain.
DeHedge Pre-Sale DHT 2018-03-15 2018-03-29
Risk-hedging platform for cryptocurrency investors
Effect.AI EFX 2018-03-15 2018-04-01
Decentralized Network for Artificial Intelligence
BitGuild PLAT 2018-03-15 2018-04-05
BitGuild will disrupt the $100+ billion a year gaming industry by creating a platform for games that live on the blockchain, redefining the relationship between players, developers, and content, forever changing the future of gaming.
Vanywhere VANY 2018-03-15 2018-04-05
Skill sharing platform where anyone with a marketable Skill can earn Crypto
Gizer GZR 2018-03-15 2018-04-10
The world’s first universal gaming profile powered by blockchain technology
UberPro UBER 2018-03-15 2018-04-11
UberPro is a decentralized freelancer platform built on Ethereum.
AntiqMall AMT 2018-03-15 2018-04-15
Blockchain-based Antiques Marketplace
BotGaming BOT 2018-03-15 2018-04-15
BotGaming is a blockchain powered gambling platform for messenger bots.
Fire Lotto FLOT 2018-03-15 2018-04-15
Blockchain lottery
RigoBlock GRG 2018-03-15 2018-04-15
Decentralized pools of tokens
SunMoney SMT 2018-03-15 2018-04-15
Invest in Solar Energy at Any Scale
Tontine Trust TON$ 2018-03-15 2018-04-15
The Future of Retirement Savings is Peer-to-Peer, secured by the Blockchain
Cryptelo CRL 2018-03-15 2018-04-30
What do you recommend
Plaza Systems PLAZA 2018-03-15 2018-05-10
Plaza Systems occupies the intersection of lifestyle and technology.
LanceChain LANC 2018-03-15 2018-05-15
Find a job or hire great freelancers with 0% commission!
Talenthon TCOIN 2018-03-15 2018-05-15
A unique UK recruitment platform that uses Blockchain and Gamification technology
MoBee MBE 2018-03-15 2018-06-20
Virtual mobile operator
CEYRON CEY 2018-03-15 2018-07-15
Ceyron ICO - Token Paying Annual Dividends by Debit Card Worldwide
Viola.AI VIOLA 2018-03-14 2018-04-13
Viola.AI is the World’s First A.I-driven Marketplace for Dating and Relationships with real business backing of 13 years.
VRT World VRT 2018-03-14 2018-04-30
VR platform for global integration of developers, consumers and business
Blok BLK 2018-03-13 2018-04-13
Blok is revolutionizing the global gig economy by removing frictions through blockchain, empowering the on-demand workforce.
Gelios GLS 2018-03-13 2018-05-11
Gelios is global P2P lending platform
CarVDB CAR 2018-03-13 2018-06-11
The First Decentralized End-to-End Blockchain Platform for the Automotive World!
Signals Network SGN 2018-03-12 2018-04-09
Data science marketplace to help you discover, create and monetize cryptocurrency trading strategies driven by machine learning, crowd wisdom and decentralized supercomputing power.
STREAMITY STM 2018-03-12 2018-04-29
Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, a unique P2P platform for cryptocurrency to fiat money exchange, completely independent and secure due to the use of the smart-contract architecture and the API of payment systems.
Vehicle Lifestyle Blockchain VLB 2018-03-12 2018-04-09
Blockchain Fuel for the Vehicle Lifecycle Industry
Lightcash LCCT 2018-03-12 2018-04-12
First fully legally compliant system for operations with cryptocurrencies and fiat money and own crypto coin backed by real gold
Enkidu ENK 2018-03-12 2018-05-09
Decentralized global collaboration platform
iShook SHK 2018-03-12 2018-05-10
- iShook is seeking to enhance its singular network to facilitate and host digital content and increase content creators visibility.
OnLive ONL 2018-03-11 2018-04-11
An open and decentralized platform for video broadcast and remote consultations markets
Akaiito AIC 2018-03-10 2018-04-15
Akaiito is P2P platform functioning on blockchain system and giving to every crypto holder opportunity to spend their crypto in every day life!
TimeBox TB 2018-03-10 2018-04-15
Decentralized custody service of digital assets.
Monanex MNX 2018-03-10 2018-05-14
SKYFchain SKYFT 2018-03-10 2018-06-15
The First B2R (Business 2 Robots) Operating Platform for Cargo Robotics Industry
Coinvest COIN 2018-03-09 2018-04-06
The world’s first decentralized investment trading market for cryptocurrencies.
Assistive Reality ARX 2018-03-09 2018-05-06
Assistive Reality is an Australian start-up project created by a team of forward-thinking professionals consisting of Bio and Information-Systems experts with strong experience in AI systems, user interface design, 3D modelling and a driving interest in human-augmentation technology. We believe when you embed sufficiently comprehensive AI into an Augmented Reality software solution, the resulting multiplier effect on human consistency, processing speed, memory and parallelism will improve the human quality of life, allow us to compete with pure-AI systems in the future, and potentially slow down or prevent an outright overtake of human work effort by AI.
PHI TOKEN PHI 2018-03-08 2018-03-21
The Alibaba of Wealth Management
Bills BLS 2018-03-08 2018-04-08
Bills is a technology that allows placing advertisements to an outdoor billboard located in any place of the world, within a couple of minutes without even leaving the office.
Multiven MTC 2018-03-08 2018-05-13
Defending Bitcoin and public blockchain network nodes against cyberattacks, powered by the world's first blockchain-based open marketplace for IT hardware, software and services
CryptalDash CRD 2018-03-07 2018-04-14
Two Worlds, One Solution
DarcMatter Coin DMC 2018-03-07 2018-06-30
DarcMatter Coin (DMC) will use NEMs blockchain to remove opacity and inefficiencies from the global alternative investment industry.
Obirum OBR 2018-03-06 2018-05-05
Obirum is the world's first blockchain browser with a wallet simple and secure.
SELFLLERY YOU 2018-03-05 2018-03-26
SELFLLERY - The Social Platform for Visual Content Monetization
Eticket4 ET4 2018-03-05 2018-03-30
A ticket exchange developed by Israeli entrepreneurs in 2015. Being an intermediary between entities involved in the ticket re-selling process, the platform serves as a guarantor of transaction security, tickets’ validity, timely payment and delivery.
Vestarin VST 2018-03-05 2018-04-04
Vestarin platform is a marketplace for goods and services, platform for crypto-networking
Datarius Cryptobank DTRC 2018-03-05 2018-04-05
Datarius cryptobank is a decentralized partially closed system.
Volans VOL 2018-03-05 2018-04-05
The first decentralized financial services company
KELTA KLT 2018-03-05 2018-04-30
The KELTA ICO Decentralized Datacenter BALT 2018-03-05 2018-05-05
Invest in promising CEE & CIS Startups and Ecosystem via Baltic Blockchain Fund
AMON AMN 2018-03-04 2018-04-04
Crypto Debit Card for Everyday Use
PAYSURA IPC 2018-03-03 2018-04-02
PAYSURA is providing the International PayReward Coin (IPC) in order to create a worldwide uniform reward system that applies the advantages of the Blockchain Technology
Nkor NKR 2018-03-03 2018-04-02
Solving copyright issues forever
Alttex ALTX 2018-03-03 2018-04-03
Alttex is a consortium that unites a decentralized exchange, own crypto-messenger and Smart Safe developed for mobile platforms Android IOS and Mobile Windows.
JOYSO JOY 2018-03-01 2018-03-21
JOYSO suggests a hybrid design for token trading, combining the advantages of a centralized exchange - fast and fully-featured - with the advantages of a decentralized exchange - improved security and privacy.
Amorito AMO 2018-03-01 2018-03-22
Amorito is a social dating platform focus on knowing new people anywhere in the world. GRAIN 2018-03-01 2018-03-28
Grain processes work agreements on the blockchain and has an instant payment mechanism.
KickCity KCY 2018-03-01 2018-03-29
Decentralized Event Management & Marketing Protocol on Blockchain
Noxbox NBX 2018-03-01 2018-03-29
World of services in a single click
BestMeta BESTMETA TOKEN 2018-03-01 2018-03-31
BestMeta: harnessing the blockchain to connect esports talents with fans via Personalized Talent Tokens
Bethereum BTHR 2018-03-01 2018-03-31
Bethereum is a decentralised social betting platform on the Ethereum blockchain.
Cosplay Token COT 2018-03-01 2018-03-31
Building Global Cosplay Platform Tokenized Ecosystem
DENTIX DNTX 2018-03-01 2018-03-31
Decentralized Dental Electronic Health Record Platform
DomusCoins DOC 2018-03-01 2018-03-31
DomusCoins, the real estate backed cryptocurrency!
LemoChain LEMO 2018-03-01 2018-03-31
Data Circulation Infrastructure connecting blockchain technology with the every day business.
Naviaddress NVT 2018-03-01 2018-03-31
The new universal digital address platform powered by blockchain
Ping Chain PNG 2018-03-01 2018-03-31
Smart Contract Scheduling & Execution as a Service
Thought THT 2018-03-01 2018-03-31
Eliminate Traditional Applications with Data That Thinks.
Open Collectors Network ECTO 2018-03-01 2018-04-01
The first one-of-a-kind token.
Essentia ESS 2018-03-01 2018-04-15
Essentia is the decentralized framework to create, store and access your digital life.
Digital Way WEI 2018-03-01 2018-04-18
Join the greatest 4.0 disruption in the fastest growing region
CryptoSecure SECURE 2018-03-01 2018-04-25
By using CryptoSecure ‘SafeWindow’ you can operate in Remote Isolation, remaining completely anonymous and untraceable to cybercriminals.
orbeum OBM 2018-03-01 2018-04-29
Orbeum is an ERC20 token which will sold via smart contract directly.
Baappay BAAP 2018-03-01 2018-04-30
BaapPay is a multi-layered platform that integrates both fiat and cryptocurrency payment services for merchants, that will confirm and guarantee all payments in seconds.
IPStock IPS 2018-03-01 2018-04-30
Unique blockchain ecosystem designed for all marketplaces, content creators and consumers.
MedCredits MEDX 2018-03-01 2018-04-30
MedCredits is the first blockchain powered platform connecting patients and doctors worldwide on a decentralized network.
Cartel CRTL 2018-03-01 2018-04-31
The worlds first blockchain operated e-marketplace where B2B and B2C customers collectively pool their purchases to achieve greater buying power, significantly reducing costs and eliminating middle men across all industries.
FAIMA MEDS 2018-03-01 2018-05-01
personal medical assistant
DineroONE DNRO 2018-03-01 2018-05-12
World's First All-in-One Pay-Everywhere Solution!
Sharpay SHRP 2018-03-01 2018-05-31
Sharpay is the share button with blockchain profit
Virtonomics VIC 2018-03-01 2018-05-31
Virtonomics is a business strategy game based on real world economy, which has been on the market for more than 10 years, having a huge pool of individual players and business customers (2 million registered users worldwide), constant in-flow of new clients and a top position in Google search.
Yield Coin YLD 2018-03-01 2018-05-31
Yield Coin is a diverse multipurpose token pegged to a group of businesses structured in different sectors, creating one of the only non-single point of failure tokens, backed by Finance and Banking experts. INK 2018-03-01 2018-06-01
CVproof will offer a business model that rewards stakeholders, such through a revenue sharing mechanism. We designed a genuine ecosystem enabling users to access, create and offer services for which they will pay and/or receive a remuneration in tokens.
OGECoin OGEC 2018-03-01 2018-06-01
Innovative industrial production of professional equipment for the Oil&Gas industry, high margin project with IRR 64%, ROI 158%, total sales should become to about 204 million US dollars with the project lifetime, moreover with the great potential of obtaining own oil field exploration licenses in Eurasia.
Fiancia FIN 2018-03-01 2018-06-15
Fiancia- A revolutionary copytrading platform and dedicated crypto news TV channel.
RefugeCoin RFG 2018-03-01 2018-08-31
We Are Building A Blockchain Technology Platform For Refugees' Projects.
BILL&GO BGO 2018-02-28 2018-03-28
The first multistore order decentralized platform.
Cibus CBT 2018-02-28 2018-03-28
CIBUS - Food & Dietary Supplements Ecosystem Revolutionalised
UnitedFans GOAL 2018-02-28 2018-03-30
The First Trustworthy Soccer Team Management Platform
Galaxy eSolutions GES 2018-02-28 2018-03-31
ICO for e-commerce marketplace for refurbished consumer electronics.
Geekzcode Crowdfunding Token Event GUT 2018-02-28 2018-03-31
A Crowdfunding Token Event for the completion of our platform,bringing together Businesses/End-users that need Software or Apps created, with Developers that can create it for them.
BlockMesh MESH 2018-02-28 2018-03-31
We're passionate about mesh technology, crypto currency & bringing cost-free communication to the world.
Pitch PITCH 2018-02-28 2018-03-31
Entrepuners and Startups can Pitch Investors Live on the Platform
SilverBit SLV 2018-02-28 2018-04-17
SilverBit’s conceptual goal is to become an ultra-scarce non-government controlled storage of wealth with software facilities to increase that wealth over time and that is an instantly transferable asset with zero storage cost.
Equitybase BASE 2018-02-28 2018-04-30
Decentralized Real Estate Exchange power by blockchain
LooksCoin LOOKS 2018-02-27 2018-03-31
An open network for creating new products, verifying origins of creative assets through blockchain.
Qurrex QRX 2018-02-27 2018-04-16
The first hybrid crypto exchange integrating industrial infrastructure of traditional stock exchanges with decentralized network
Gron Digital GRO 2018-02-27 2018-04-24
Smart Wallet for Lucrative Industry
TokenGo GPT 2018-02-27 2018-04-30
A Fair Rewarfing, Powered Blockchain Based, Business Tokenization Platform
BIG Token BTK 2018-02-27 2018-05-08
World’s only cryptocurrency 100% backed by prime real estate with strictest corporate governance
mCart Protocol MCART 2018-02-27 2018-05-31
Democratizing Influence Marketing on Blockchain
1worldblockchain WBD 2018-02-26 2018-03-26
The WBD token will fuel our revolutionary cross border transfer platform.
Techspecs SPC 2018-02-26 2018-03-30
The best ico
Skychain SKCH 2018-02-26 2018-03-31
Opportunity to teach and host neural networks
OpenAssets OPA 2018-02-26 2018-04-01
OpenAssets – it is an open ecosystem for more effective interaction with the ICO with funds, investors, experts, and traders.
Bizavest Analytics BIZC 2018-02-26 2018-04-12
Bizavest Analytics is the first data analytics and business intelligence service driven by data collection and mining over a decentralized network.
Truegame TGAME 2018-02-26 2018-04-30
The first ICO with a fully working smart contract based iGaming project.
Fast Access Blockchain FAB 2018-02-25 2018-03-25
A High Performance Blockchain for Enterprise Applications
FundFantasy FUNDZ 2018-02-25 2018-03-25
FundFantasy is the first provably-fair fantasy gaming platform for finance enthusiasts, powered by blockchain technology.
GISC LoanCoin Network GIS 2018-02-25 2018-04-25
A Credit Platform democratizing P2P B2B & Altcoin Lending
PokerSports XPST 2018-02-24 2018-04-07
Decentralized & community driven platform that integrates Blockchain, iGaming, eSports, and Fantasy Sports creating unique sports-based contests.
sharder protocol SS 2018-02-23 2018-03-23
cross-chain distributed storage protocol
RealCasino CHIP 2018-02-23 2018-03-25
RealCasino is a decentralized, distributed casino gaming platform.
Morpheus Network MORPH 2018-02-23 2018-04-11
Morpheus Network simplifies and automates the logistics, documentation and compliance necessary for any complex, international shipment for any company or individual using Smart Contracts.
TE-FOOD TEC 2018-02-22 2018-03-22
The world's largest farm-to-table food ecosystem is moving to blockchain.
Viewly VIEW 2018-02-22 2018-03-22
Viewly is a decentralized video platform powered by blockchain and peer‐to‐peer video sharing technologies
Tradershub THT 2018-02-22 2018-03-26
Community-Driven Crypto Trading Platform
GIFcoin GIF 2018-02-22 2018-04-16
The GIF in GIFcoin stands for Gambling Investment Fund.
Taylor TAY 2018-02-21 2018-03-22
Taylor enables anyone, regardless of trading expertise, to start profiting from the global cryptocurrency market.
Blockchain MD XMD 2018-02-21 2018-05-31
Telemedicine on the Blockchain
PolySwarm NCT 2018-02-20 2018-03-22
PolySwarm is the first decentralized marketplace where security experts build anti-malware engines that compete to protect you.
Loyakk Vega LYK 2018-02-20 2018-03-30
A blue-chip ICO for a patent-pending, blockchain-enabled decentralized business platform, brought to you by a world-class team
BeautiQ BTQ 2018-02-20 2018-04-20
Giving small business a big business reach!
Ice Rock Mining ROCK 2018-02-20 2018-05-25
New ERA of CLOUD MINING by Ice Rock Mining
TriForce FORCE 2018-02-20 2018-04-10
TriForce Tokens (FORCE) is empowering the gaming community through the use of blockchain technology. It provides real world solutions to the gaming industry whilst fostering and encouraging a collaborative gaming community.
AB-CHAIN RTB 2018-02-19 2018-03-31
AB-CHAIN ADVERTISING NETWORK - Blockchain and AI for enhanced campaigns.
Deedcoin DEED 2018-02-19 2018-04-19
Deedcoin uses blockchain technology to tokenize and reduce real estate commissions down to 1% on the purchase or sale of any property.
Pumped MTT 2018-02-19 2018-04-21
Pumped provides a decentralized economy for content monetization.
HorseCoin HRC 2018-02-19 2018-04-24
Horse Pedigree Blockchained
Tawarruq Token TWQ 2018-02-19 2018-04-30
A single platform matching borrowers and lenders across the globe for p2p personal financing
Winco WCO 2018-02-19 2018-03-29
Winco - Solutions for the decentralization of startup's financing, franchise and real estate market.
GramGold GGT 2018-02-18 2018-04-30
ERC 20 Token to Revolutionizing the Precious Metals Recycling Industry & Trading Markets
MOS Lottery MOS 2018-02-18 2018-05-18
Fully decentralized and transparent lottery managed by an Ethereum smart contract. Winning number selected from global stock market index.
OpenGift GIFT 2018-02-17 2018-03-26
OpenGift is a place where companies and users can direct open source software development with their donations.
AgroTechFarm ATF 2018-02-16 2018-03-24
The aim of the project is to initiate the mass production of indoor ATF home farming appliances for North American customers.
VendiCoins VENDI 2018-02-16 2018-03-28
Vendio is the World’s First Crypto Advertising Platform & Token.
Ether Legends ELET 2018-02-15 2018-04-04
Ethereum Blockchain Trading Card Game
Silent Notary SNTR 2018-02-15 2018-04-12
The system for providing evidence in your smartphone.
Attention Network ATTN 2018-02-15 2018-04-15
Advertising is broken. The blockchain can fix it.
Creditcoin CRE 2018-02-15 2018-04-15
Unleashing the full potential of $600B in capital of crypto-ecosystem
FRASINDO FRAS COIN FRAS 2018-02-15 2018-04-15
Self-Sustainable Blockchain & StartUp Incubator
EXXO Exchange EXO 2018-02-15 2018-05-15
EXXO is a cryptocurrency service exchange platform.
KISSES COIN KISSES 2018-02-14 2018-04-14
Revolutionizing the adult entertainment industry
Red Lanterns REDL 2018-02-14 2018-04-15
Red Lanterns (RL service) is an actively developing online service that helps people fill the gaps in their sex education
Ponder Gold PON 2018-02-14 2018-04-20
Decentralized Matchmaking Platform
Origami Network ORI 2018-02-13 2018-03-23
Blockchain-Powered global solution to build decentralised P2P marketplaces with blockchain-based escrow payments
KALICOIN KALI 2018-02-12 2018-03-28
A unique country specific: fiat-to-crypto exchange business model
BuzzShow GLDY 2018-02-12 2018-04-04
BuzzShow is a fully developed reward based social media video network that rewards users with BuzzShow Goldies Tokens for creating, curating, sharing & viewing videos.
Sphere Social SAT 2018-02-12 2018-04-09
Sphere Network is a next-generation decentralized Social Media network.
Fiduxa FDU 2018-02-12 2018-06-12
Decentralized platform to provide a trustful, permanent certification of skills and competencies.
AffiliateCoin AFL 2018-02-12 2018-06-22
AffiliateCoin is here to revolutionise Affiliate Marketing, powered by the security, support and investment capacity of cryptocurrency.
Mavin MVN 2018-02-12 2018-09-15
A reward-based influencer marketing ecosystem on blockchain.
MindLink ML 2018-02-10 2018-03-24
MindLink is a blockhain based eLearning platform, providing productive ecosystem for every party that is involved in education process.
Neurogress NRG 2018-02-10 2018-03-25
We're building a decentralized platform of neural control systems to make a control of electronics and machines as easy and natural as never before. [Pre-TGE]
Etheera ETA 2018-02-10 2018-04-30
The Future of Real Estate with decentralized Portal + All In One Software Solution for the Agents.
Monster Bit MB 2018-02-10 2018-06-10
The future is for blockchain games.
Globitex GBX 2018-02-10 2018-07-01
Globitex is a leading Bitcoin exchange owned by an EMI (Electronic Money Institution) licensed group, that enables commodities trading paired with cryptocurrency and a technologically advanced API for market makers.
Potentiam PTM 2018-02-09 2018-03-23
Potentiam is an incentivised collaborative music social network.
ehab EHB 2018-02-09 2018-04-30
A blockchain based platform which empowers people to collaboratively build and finance innovative, affordable housing projects.
Menuva MENU 2018-02-08 2018-04-12
A payment platform protected with smart contracts accepting a variety of cryptocurrencies
MoxyOne SPEND 2018-02-08 2018-04-14
MoxyOne is a white label debit card and payment infrastructure for all companies and ICOs that issue cryptocurrencies.
MoneyToken IMT 2018-02-07 2018-06-06
With MoneyToken, There Is No Need to Sell Your BTC When You Need Cash or Liquid funds
Zebi ZCO 2018-02-05 2018-03-31
Blockchaining India's Big Data
Crypto N' Kafe CNK 2018-02-04 2018-03-25
Crypto N' Kafe is first coffee trading ecosystem based on Blockchain technology entirely supporting small scale farmers, traders, roasters and retailers which aims to Regenerate the African Cafe Industry.
BlockBits BBX 2018-02-04 2018-05-01
BlockBits DAPP - Decentralized Investments Platform
Tag World Exchange TWEX 2018-02-03 2018-03-31
Tag World Exchange is involved in helping innovative startups reach their full potential.
GrocerCoin GRCR 2018-02-03 2018-06-03
The token designed to shape the future of agriculture around the world.
Dropd DPD 2018-02-01 2018-03-25
Dropd 2.0 is a music application that will use an open-source cryptographic token, symbol DPD. It will launch off the Tokenlab ICO creation platform on the Expanse.Tech blockchain.
Automotive 65 A65 2018-02-01 2018-03-31
Renting classic cars, payed by token, based on the blockchain.
Brixby BRICK 2018-02-01 2018-03-31
Brixby is a marketplace that brings together people who want to rent, park, and charge their (electric) cars and asset owners of any size who are ready to offer those services, in one easy-to-use Brixby app.
BitazaPay BZP 2018-02-01 2018-03-31
Bitazapay is token platform for crowdfunding, loyalty points and reward programs
Dolos DOL 2018-02-01 2018-03-31
Dolos is an automated crypto currency trading application
Evareium EVM 2018-02-01 2018-03-31
Opportunity to participate in Evareium's first token - EVM - Aiming to provide an asset - backed, digitalized real estate investment platform which will comprise an investment fund deploying a value - add strategy with the aim of incorporating blockchain tokenized exchange.
Invacio INV 2018-02-01 2018-03-31
After five years in development Invacio reaches ICO having evolved into 11 distinct but complementary divisions, each built over a groundbreaking core multi-agent system Artificial Intelligence so sensitive to the world and its changes the solutions it stands to revolutionize areas as diverse as big data, blockchain technology, communications, research, online privacy, finance, banking, and even security.
PriorityEx PYX 2018-02-01 2018-03-31
Provides cryptocurrency trading and profit sharing opportunity for traders and investors.
VinChain VIN 2018-02-01 2018-04-15
The whole truth about a vehicle’s history on a blockchain.
Etherty ETY 2018-02-01 2018-04-30
Etherty provides ways to invest in properties from around the world using seamless and easy trading methods with property tokens.
Hashgains HGS 2018-02-01 2018-04-30
HashGains offers ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in order to establish green data centres in Rajasthan (India) and Quebec (Canada).
Gold Bits Coin GBC 2018-02-01 2018-03-31
Be a Part of This Revolution and Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds, “Real Gold” and “Trending Crypto”
BitCar BITCAR 2018-01-31 2018-04-20
Peer-to-Peer exotic car trading platform
REPU Platform REPU 2018-01-30 2018-03-31
REPU is a platform that allows its users (ordinary citizens, banks, businesses, recruiters, etc.) to use the rating and feedback system as an assessment tool for professional skills, financial stability, and unlimited abilities for all other needs.
ADAMANT Messenger ADM 2018-01-30 2018-06-30
Anonymous messenger encrypted with Blockchain
Darico DRC 2018-01-30 2018-07-30
Your gateway to cryptocurrency investment.
AstorGame ASTOR 2018-01-29 2018-04-29
eSports & Online Gaming platform – Decentralized Games, Sports Betting and Casino using blockchain, Smart Contracts + Provably Fair
DapCash DAPG 2018-01-28 2018-04-28
First post-quantum crypto currency.
Aworker WORK 2018-01-26 2018-06-26
Aworker is the first decentralized ecosystem of Reputation Building for Employees in the world.
Bitrace BRF 2018-01-25 2018-03-25
Bitrace Investments Ltd is a British company, which is in process of developing the Tunisia Racing F1 City project (sports compound including a Formula 1 Track). We have designed our BITRACE token to be the official cryptocurrency to be used within TUNISIA RACING F1 CITY by 2020.
Vestopia VTP 2018-01-25 2018-03-26
Vestopia is a decentralized peer-to-peer investment ecosystem bringing sound investment opportunities to the average household. VTP coin is the internal currency to be used on the Vestopia platform.
Sintec STEC 2018-01-25 2018-04-07
Unique Blockchain option granting the opportunity to invest in the production of high-tech industrial material.
VR Platform OKO OKOIN 2018-01-25 2018-04-25
The first decentralized blockchain-based VR platform for 100 % anonymous adult content distribution.
IAC AutoUnit ATK 2018-01-25 2018-07-22
IAC - Multilevel Cashback Service on Blockchain
P2PAY P2PAY 2018-01-24 2018-04-14
Platform for debt financing that enables individuals to borrow and lend money
CashBet Coin CBC 2018-01-24 2018-04-27
CashBet offers the only complete, crypto-ready, mobile-first iGaming platform with an established, profitable presence in regulated gaming markets.
Shping shping 2018-01-22 2018-03-23
Shping is a global, shopper marketing platform that enables business to reward shoppers with crypto
AlfaToken AT 2018-01-22 2018-04-22
AlfaToken is a platform that allows to create tokens and smart contracts on different blockchains without coding skills for any kind of business relations including Initial Coin Offerings.
StopTheFakes STF 2018-01-21 2018-04-21
Anti-Counterfeit & Copyright Infringement Blockchain Service
Mavro MMM 2018-01-21 2018-05-15
Mavro - first decentralized service for MLM-business
Coinnec COI 2018-01-19 2018-04-19
Blockchain based business platform.
BItto Exchange BITTO 2018-01-16 2018-04-03
A One Stop Solution Trading Platform
Gilgamesh Platform TBA 2018-01-15 2018-03-26
Knowledge-sharing social network platform powered by Ethereum Blockchain
Rate Date RDT 2018-01-15 2018-03-28
An online video date auction.
Safekeet SKT 2018-01-15 2018-03-31
We are creating a simple smart secure digital deposit box for everyone, much more then a simple storage space.
Unity UNT 2018-01-15 2018-03-31
Unitycoin, the first coin backed by an international websites networks.
Thrive THRT 2018-01-15 2018-04-05
The Premium Decentralized Ad Marketplace
Midex MDX 2018-01-15 2018-04-15
Midex is blockchain based Financial platform with licensed exchange approved by Swiss bankers and lawyers.
Rucoin RUCOIN 2018-01-15 2018-04-15
Crypto-currency secured by the obligations of RUCOIN LOYALTY
Pocketinns PINNS 2018-01-15 2018-12-31
The worlds first decentralized blockchain based community driven marketplace ecosystem.
ENS.BID ESB 2018-01-10 2018-03-31
ENS.BID focus on offering best identity, storage, and domain name to the decentrailized world of Ethereum
Jizzcoins JCN 2018-01-10 2018-04-10
Jizzcoins (JCN) is a multi-purpose 18+ token for an ecosystem of digital online adult entertainment services
MarketXL MXL 2018-01-03 2018-03-27
MXL or Market XL will be a decentralized marketplace for a new World with decentralized currencies and decentralized services.
CredibleToken CET 2018-01-03 2018-04-13
The device credibility ecosystem powered by the Ethereum blockchain
PronCoin PRON 2018-01-01 2018-03-21
Proncoin - disrupting online adult industry with blockchain technology!
BeefCoin BEEF 2018-01-01 2018-03-31
Real profitable eco-friendly business in green economy
SRCoin SRCOIN 2018-01-01 2018-03-31
SRCoin is the first subscription business cryptocurrency that incorporates medical data
Native Video Box NVB 2018-01-01 2018-04-15
We reinvented content discovery to help websites earn much more on booming video ads market.
SMARTRealty RLTY 2018-01-01 2018-05-15
SMARTRealty is revolutionizing the real estate industry by applying smart contract technology to common real estate transactions such as rental agreements, property sales, and more.
YouRa YRC 2018-01-01 2018-06-01
Next generation communication platform with crypto currency support
METAtip META 2018-01-01 2018-08-01
Fastest token on the market.
Canabio CNB 2018-01-01 2019-11-15
Canabio is Blockchain-Based European Cannabis Health Advanced Investment Project.
FinTechBit FTB 2018-01-01 2018-12-31
Join Now FinitechBit token is a utility token that enables you to freely become a member of an active trading education community.
Nimbus Token NIM 2017-12-27 2018-03-27
A platform for selling and bartering goods and services via cryptocurrency and the blockchain.
carVertical CV 2017-12-26 2018-04-04
First global & decentralised car history registry.
fynance Token FYG 2017-12-24 2018-06-24
The true Compliance Token
Incremint MNTS 2017-12-19 2018-04-15
Goodbye ICO scams. Hello Accountability!
Augmate MATE 2017-12-15 2018-06-15
Augmate is a blockchain-agnostic IoT management platform for device management and data security.
Valorem VLR 2017-12-15 2018-06-28
Niche platform for the 99%
Fast Invest FIT 2017-12-04 2018-12-31
An operating online investment platform is expanding service scope to crypto related financial products powered by blockchain.
GOLDEA GEA 2017-12-01 2018-03-31
The first phased ICO on progress basis from real sector
MOOVER MOVE 2017-12-01 2018-04-20
You can share mobile data communications with around the world
Reipex RPX 2017-12-01 2018-06-01
Ecosystem Blockchain Applications
Nousplatform NOUS 2017-11-30 2018-04-17
A platform that provides escrow, technical and legal framework for decentralized managed investment funds based on blockchain technology.
Izetex IZX 2017-11-29 2018-04-30
Blockchain platform for independent game developers with elements of augmented or virtual reality.
Kala KALA 2017-11-27 2018-03-30
Kala is a revolutionary token that can be earned by taking surveys, testing products, downloading apps, etc.
Block Bank BBRT 2017-11-20 2018-10-12
Block Bank is a digital decentralized commercial banking entity
RepuX REPUX 2017-11-17 2018-04-05
RepuX is a blockchain-backed protocol and platform for SMEs to earn rewards for sharing data on a secure, decentralized network
Forty Seven Bank FSBT 2017-11-16 2018-03-31
Forty Seven Bank is fintech start-up aimed at building a bridge between cryptocurrency world and the world of traditional monetary finance.
Darenta PROD 2017-11-15 2018-03-31
Darenta is a car rental service for owners who rent out their private cars.
Adpump ADP 2017-11-13 2018-12-25
Adpump Blockchain Affiliate Markeplace
Bank4YOU BFY 2017-11-06 2018-03-31
A blockchain based mobile money remittance system.
Edgecoin EST 2017-11-06 2018-04-06
Edgecoin is the world´s first education and e-learning token built on blockchain. The future of education is smart.
Telegraf Money DBC 2017-10-24 2018-10-24
The Decentralized Platform & Messenger Bank
tokcoin TOK 2017-10-05 2018-05-02
Tokcoin is a decentralized currency, developed in a smart contract platform (Intelligent Contracts) with an exclusive Tokchain system that allows you to send encrypted messages, enter contracts, and other documents to keep them 100% secure, performing P2P transactions with total security (Services the Brazilian Proof-of-Stake (PoS), which pays Tokcoin negotiated, fully corporate Scrypt PoW / PoS Hibrid algorithms for the development of Investment Funds in Crypto-Coins and Assets In the OTC (Over The Counter), taking as Bitcoin Investment Trust, with the creation of Tokcoin Investments Assets Digital (OTCMKTS: TOKIN).
Goodwill Protocol GOODWILL 2017-10-01 2018-10-01
Goodwill Coins help you turn your causes, visions, and ideas into crowdsourced actionable goals, then into reality
Lite Eco Ledger Elements LELE 2017-09-28 2018-03-28
crypto is useful for learn about blockchain
LookRev LOK 2017-09-08 2018-09-30
LookRev - VR + Blockchain + Business, is the first blockchain-based marketplace for creative products.
Tremissis TMS 2017-08-01 2018-09-30
A new token relased in three levels finishing by a new digital currency.
The Memessenger MET 2017-07-25 2018-04-25
World's first messenger with memes instead of words.
JoyToken JOY 2017-03-20 2018-04-19
JoyToken is committed to deliver smarter games to existing and new casino players by giving innovative and creative games developers easy access to operators in our one stop solution.
Title Symbol Start Date End Date Description Links
Mossland MOC 2018-03-21 2018-04-17
“Mossland” is a location-based Augmented Reality(AR) mobile game.
Cappasity ARTOKEN 2018-03-22 2018-04-19
Decentralized Ecosystem to Create, Exchange and Embed AR/VR/3D Content
Chimaera CHI 2018-03-23 2018-04-19
UbiatarPlay UAC 2018-03-23 2018-04-22
UbiatarPlay as cryptocurrency to be everywhere
Bitnation PAT 2018-03-25 2018-04-24
Pangea Arbitration Token powers the Pangea Jurisdiction
Betrium BTRM 2018-03-26 2018-04-30
Betrium is the partly decentralized worldwide betting exchange and sportsbook that has lowest commissions, accepts cryptocurrencies and offers platform for event organizers, developers and third-party service providers.
DataBroker DAO DXT 2018-03-26 2018-04-23
DataBroker DAO is the first marketplace to sell & buy sensor data.
AQWIRE QEY 2018-03-26 2018-04-26
Cross-border real estate transaction platform powered by blockchain.
TokenLend TLN 2018-03-26 2018-05-10
Blockchain-powered P2P lending platform
ICO HeadStart™ MOAT 2018-03-26 2018-04-24
The safest ICO fundraising platform
Auctus AUC 2018-03-27 2018-03-31
Smart Contract Powered Retirement Plans
DIW Token DIW 2018-03-27 2018-04-10
DIW Token - Your Virtual life Secured and Decentralized
Gluon GLU 2018-03-27 2018-03-31
An Intelligent Connected Automotive Marketplace
Cryptoloans LCN 2018-03-27 2018-06-27
First blockchain platform for secure lending, trading and exchange cryptocurrency.
RightMesh MESH 2018-03-27 2018-03-31
RightMesh is a distributed network that incentivizes people to share mobile device resources, such as Internet, data, and storage, with those who lack access, thereby increasing global connectivity and facilitating international communication and commerce.
Ovato OVT 2018-03-27 2018-05-31
Ovato is a utility token for shopping with merchants while receiving rewards back and giving to the social good.
MeetnGreetMe WEL 2018-03-27 2018-05-21
MeetnGreetMe is a global platform for delivering personalized travel services from locals to travelers.
Modex MDX 2018-03-28 2018-04-28
The World's First AppStore for Blockchain
Realista RET 2018-03-28 2018-03-31
Realista is the first global real estate platform already available on iOS, Android and Web with over 20,000 registered agents.
Sandblock SAT 2018-03-28 2018-04-15
Sandblock is creating an ecosystem to connect Brands and customers with each other. Using Sandblock's protocol, Brands can create their own Branded Token and reward their customers for their loyalty, engagement and feedback using cryptocurrencies!
Sapien SPN 2018-03-28 2018-04-28
Sapien is a Web 3.0 Social News Platform that will reward millions of content creators, fight fake news & share ad revenue with its users.
POVCoin ETHEREUM 2018-03-30 2018-06-22
Development of interactive virtual easily accessible anonymous cryptocurrency network and gadgets for adult entertainment.
Flying Money Ltd FML 2018-03-30 2018-04-30
Competitor to Tether. Inital product is 100% Fiat Backed Digital Currencies
Shopin SHPN 2018-03-30 2018-04-15
Shopin is reinvigorating the retail economy by streamlining the entire shopping experience
MOO Token Sale XMOO 2018-03-30 2018-04-30
Unlocking global game payments and distribution.
AirPod APOD 2018-03-31 2018-05-22
Transforming Travel and Napping Industry
Solve.Care CAN 2018-03-31 2018-04-15
Solve.Care is decentralized blockchain platform for healthcare coordination and benefit administration. CGE 2018-03-31 2018-04-30 Travel Booking Marketplace
DocTailor DOCT 2018-03-31 2018-04-30
Self Customised Legal Smart Contracts
OpenPoll POL 2018-03-31 2018-05-15
Independent, anonymous, and accurate polling, delivered cheaper via blockchain technology.
Rouge RGE 2018-03-31 2018-06-02
Coupons: Re-engineered for the blockchain age
AXTRUST TRU 2018-03-31 2018-04-30
Decentralized platform for secure transactions via smart contracts using cryptocurrencies
Adblurb ADBL 2018-04-01 2018-05-30
Adblurb - The Future of Advertising !
BCharity - International Charity Exchange CHAR 2018-04-01 2018-06-30
First unique international charity exchange based on the blockchain technology with implementation of a cryptocurrency.
CellBlocks CLBK 2018-04-01 2018-06-10
Creating an Economy for Inmates in the Prison System
Crowd Machine CMCT 2018-04-01 2019-05-22
Crowd Machine is powering the next generation of decentralized blockchain applications.
CORL ITO CRL 2018-04-01 2018-04-30
Revenue sharing on the blockchain.
Elementh EEE 2018-04-01 2018-05-01
Elementh is a blockchain for e-commerce, which is a register of ownership of goods with the ability to write specialized smart contracts and use of the nomenclature standard to quickly create various decentralized and centralized applications for e-commerce.
Genesis GES 2018-04-01 2018-05-15
Investment in Real Estate.
Smart Little Machine LMS 2018-04-01 2018-04-30
Redefine the way we create websites
Optitoken OPTI 2018-04-01 2018-07-01
An Algorithmically Traded Hyper-Deflationary Cryptocurrency
Paygine PGC 2018-04-01 2018-06-01
Paygine is a FinTech start-up that is building an open financial platform based on new technologies to provide a stack of services to global FinTech community as a White Label.
Pibble PIB 2018-04-01 2018-04-15
Blockchain based, monetized image ecosystem
sponsify SPO 2018-04-01 2018-04-30
Imagine Eventbrite & on blockchain with an awesome reward system that enables effective marketing, Welcome to Sponsify.
Ternio TERN 2018-04-01 2018-04-30
Ternio is a utility token that brings transparency to the $224b digital advertising market by verifying users, protecting advertisers from fraud, and instantly paying publishers.
BitPlay BTP 2018-04-02 2018-06-02
Welcome the first ever decentralized gaming ecosystem, A world where Work is the equivalent of Play.
Kora Network KNT 2018-04-02 2018-04-30
The Network for Building Community-Owned Financial Ecosystems
Squeezer SQZR 2018-04-02 2018-05-31
Squeezer connects blockchain to the world class clouds
Trademindx TMX 2018-04-02 2018-06-02
Trademindx is a machine learning platform for cryptocurrency traders providing clear buy, sell and hold signals based on our unique algorithm
TopiaCoin TOPIA 2018-04-02 2018-04-23
Topia Technology announces its ICO to fund the development of the first globally available secure decentralized file sharing infrastructure, or SDFS.
FreeZone FRZ 2018-04-03 2018-05-01
The World's first Free Crypto Economic Zone for starting and developing blockchain business legally without any potential risks.
Fund Platform FUND 2018-04-03 2018-05-03
Create cryptofunds and ICOs in a minute
Lavenir LVR 2018-04-04 2018-05-04
A cryptocurrency lending platform devoted to sustainability and long-term growth potential
ICO Pass ICOP 2018-04-06 2018-05-06
Easiest way to do KYC checks
Quifas QFS 2018-04-06 2018-05-07
Quifas is a secure innovative cryptocurrency exchange built for the people.
SmartO STO 2018-04-06 2018-05-07
ICO SmartO - The Future is in Your Smartphone
Lendingblock LND 2018-04-07 2018-04-22
Lendingblock is a platform that facilitates peer-to-peer borrowing and lending of cryptocurrencies and digital assets.
QYKBAR QYK 2018-04-07 2018-05-10
Your personal bar, on the cloud!
CRYX CCX 2018-04-09 2018-04-16
The CRYX Platform is a one-stop solution for cryptocurrency investors permitting an access to crypto-related Big-Data and Analytics
LivingOffset LOFF 2018-04-09 2018-05-09
LivingOffset enables everyone everywhere to join the fight against climate change, by offsetting the carbon impact of their everyday actions.
RootProject ROOTS 2018-04-10 2018-04-13
Tax-subsidized cryptocurrency
Unibright UBT 2018-04-10 2018-05-10
The unified framework for blockchain based business integration
Iryo IRYO 2018-04-11 2018-04-17
Unleashing the value of medical data.
BitRewards BIT 2018-04-12 2018-05-09
Blockchain rewards and loyalty platform
LocalCoinSwap LCS 2018-04-15 2018-06-15
The world's most inclusive and expansive P2P Crypto marketplace.
BASIS NEURO BNST 2018-04-15 2018-05-15
Brain-computer Interfaces to train your brain, manipulate gadgets and enjoy new VR powerful games.
BitNautic BTNT 2018-04-15 2018-07-15
Bitnautic - decentralised shipping platform
Cryptoflix FLIX 2018-04-15 2018-05-15
A Blockchain film and TV streaming platform to disrupt the global multi-billion $ film, tv and e-learning markets.
PDATA PDATA 2018-04-15 2018-05-27
PDATA radically changes todays centralized way of personal data brokerage. We are building the first Ethereum blockchain based marketplace for the secure trading of personal data.
Rolecoin ROLE 2018-04-15 2018-05-15
RoleCoin, a digital currency that tracks and measures the skill and career development progress of its recipient.
RAISON RSN 2018-04-15 2018-05-31
RAISON is an AI-based platform designed to handle investments and personal finance.
The Abyss ABYSS 2018-04-16 2018-05-16
The Abyss is a next-generation gaming platform
Altair VR AVR 2018-04-16 2018-05-31
Virtual Encyclopedia on Blockchain
Bioritmai BRM 2018-04-16 2018-06-16
A personalized medicine of the future
FIC Network EFIC 2018-04-16 2018-05-04
Fixed Income Infrastructure for Blockchain Assets: Earn and Pay Interest on your Crypto Assets
JointEDU JOI 2018-04-16 2018-06-30
ICO JointEDU was created for accomplishment of educational smart platform project which is upcoming.
Multiversum MTV 2018-04-16 2018-06-10
4th Generation Relational Blockchain
PingValue PCO 2018-04-16 2018-05-14
Advertising Services in Smart Cities-based Blockchain 4.0
WELL WELL 2018-04-16 2018-05-15
Healthcare Delivered. WELL.
ALAX ALX 2018-04-17 2018-04-23
ALAX: The Blockchain Appstore Designed for Gamers
Velix.ID VXD 2018-04-17 2018-05-15
Velix.ID is a platform to enable frictionless identity verification across the globe.
altumea MEA 2018-04-18 2018-04-28
Altumea is a decentralized platform connecting researchers, artists, and engineers looking to buy processing power for high-performance computing, deep learning, and AI with GPU owners.
Phoneum PHT 2018-04-18 2018-05-18
Phoneum - Mobile only cryptocurrency!
DreamTeam DTT 2018-04-19 2018-05-19
The first Esports and gaming recruitment and management platform that uses blockchain & smart contracts to unlock a multi-billion dollar economy based on Dreamteam token
ORIS.Space ORGN 2018-04-19 2018-07-07
Monetize your Intuition
ySign YSN 2018-04-19 2018-05-04
ySign is a new blockchain-based global platform for free communication and discrete conversations with 100% privacy, created as an opportunity to stay anonymous and secure.
Aitheon AIC 2018-04-20 2018-06-05
Aitheon, the digital ecosystem simplifying your world through A.I., robotic, and human symbiosis.
The Imigize Service Blockchain IMGZ 2018-04-20 2018-06-08
Blockchain Ecosystem of the global online market of footwear and clothing
Keplertek Technologies KEP 2018-04-20 2018-05-10
Kepler Technologies AI&Robotics Ecosystem Powered by Blockchain Kepler Technology is dedicated to the development of a fair, simple, and reliable social network universe that will help transform innovative ideas into reality by bringing people around the world to work together.
Mira MIRA 2018-04-20 2018-05-20
Mira is a software suite for buying, storing and sending cryptocurrencies in an easy and convenient way.
Smoke.Network SMOKE 2018-04-20 2018-05-25
The first social cannabis DApp created to reward users.
MobileBridge Momentum MMTM 2018-04-23 2018-05-18
The world’s first blockchain and crypto-token based marketing automation platform that enables companies to reward their best customers and supporters with crypto-tokens.
TV-TWO TTV 2018-04-24 2018-05-24
The Decentralized Television Ecosystem
Safein SFN 2018-04-25 2018-05-25
Safein is a wallet which lets you sign-on on any site without registration
EXMO Coin EXO 2018-04-26 2018-05-26
Receive dividends from EXMO margin loans system
Swapy Network SWAPY 2018-04-26 2018-05-26
Swapy Network is a decentralized platform that aims to provide Universal Access to Credit.
Greeneum Network GREEN 2018-04-28 2018-05-30
GREENEUM's vision is to accelerate the global energy transition towards GREEN energy using smart contracts, targeted AI and Blockchain technology.
ORS ORST 2018-04-28 2018-05-26
ORS Hypersmart Contracts provide access to more than 1,000 proprietary algorithms and hundreds of software solutions to the Crypto Community for boosting their business models (
COTI COTI 2018-04-30 2018-05-28
A payments network that combines the best of traditional payment methods and digital currencies
CasperAPI CST 2018-04-30 2018-05-31
First system of decentralized cloud-based data storage
DAV DAV 2018-04-30 2018-05-13
Move anything, anywhere with one token.
ImmVRse IMV 2018-04-30 2018-05-31
ImmVRse is a decentralised digital VR content sharing platform that will allow content creators, brands and advertisers alike, to inspire, share and collaborate to produce some of the best VR content available online.
AbacasXchange ABCS 2018-05-01 2018-05-31
Abacas is hybrid decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows you to trade, exchange or transfer Any Asset Anywhere Anytime.
eCoinomic CNC 2018-05-01 2018-06-01
a digital services platform that bridges the gap between fiat currencies and crypto assets
Cryptyk CTK 2018-05-01 2018-06-01
Blockchain for Enterprise Security
EMMARES - EMail MArketing REwarding System EMA 2018-05-01 2018-05-31
EMMARES is connecting high-quality email content with interested recipients. Encouraging better quality content, lower frequency, and fair content evaluation, EMMARES brings new value, an expanded audience for email marketers and less spam with only desired content for recipients. EMMARES - Email Marketing Rewarding System is an evaluation system that highly benefits email marketers (senders) as well as email recipients (all email users). Pre-sale: Mar 1st 2018 — Mar 31st 2018 ICO: Apr 1st 2018 — Apr 30th 2018
Graz GRZ 2018-05-01 2018-05-31
Blockchain betting platform
INTRO ITR 2018-05-01 2018-06-15
Business Intelligence Services for the participants of residential construction market.
Monaco Estate MEST 2018-05-01 2018-06-30
Monaco Estate is a cryptocurrency real estate investment fund.
Nuggets NUG 2018-05-01 2018-05-14
Transform the way you buy, login and verify your identity online.
Property Coin PCX 2018-05-01 2018-05-31
Your opportunity to own a professionally managed portfolio of real estate assets via the blockchain
Matchroom MRT 2018-05-02 2018-07-31 is the FIRST OF ITS KIND IN SEA which is centralizing the gaming community in one platform and revolutionizing the gaming industry with blockchain technology.
Safinus SAF 2018-05-02 2018-06-02
A platform, where new entrants to the crypto market can join profitable crypto-currency portfolios of experienced investors in just a few clicks with mutual benefits for both sides
Energy Premier EPC 2018-05-16 2018-06-15
Next generation electricity trading platform
Jointly JPT 2018-05-23 2018-06-23
The first platform, based on ethereum, which will allow group investments in ICOs to access the highest bonuses offered and break down the large investment thresholds to participate in some pre-ICO and ICO.
Tutellus TUT 2018-05-28 2018-06-30
The platform that pays you for learning
NOIA Network NOIA 2018-05-29 2018-06-28
NOIA is a widely distributed and decentralized layer of the internet’s infrastructure. Empowered by blockchain technology and AI it enables everyone to supply their unused storage and bandwidth to optimize the way the Internet functions.
Future1Coin F1C 2018-06-01 2018-06-30
Future1Coin is a one stop shop platform for Cryptocurrency Education , Trading, ICO’s Launch Services , Affiliate Marketing , Token Purchasing and Coin Summits.
Open Source University EDU 2018-06-04 2018-07-01
Empowering 7 billion learners to connect to world's top academic education and professional development opportunities on the Ethereum blockchain
Valena-SV SVCOIN 2018-06-15 2018-07-15
VALENA-SV is already successful and existing business
UnbankedX UBX 2018-07-01 2018-08-30
We are the world’s first true blockchain powered robo cryptobank
KINEKT Terminals XKN 2018-07-02 2018-07-31
The world's 1st transaction agnostic blockchain integrated terminal.
Bloquid BQT 2018-10-01 2018-11-30
transforming real estate into liquid digital asset
Ethereum based social network using IPFS for storage
Supply-curve modeled cryptocurrency
bitNatura BN TBD TBD
The natural capital marketplace
Saving the World, One Currency Transaction at a Time
Revolutionizing Art Monetization
Building on Ethereum for mainstream transaction of value
Decentralized encrypted database for sensitive data
Global blockchain ecosystem for agriculture and food businesses
Freelance marketplace
P2P Oracle System and Prediction Marketplace
Intellium INTL TBD TBD
Cryptocurency backed accelerator for the new digital age
Kyber Network KNC TBD TBD
On-chain, instant and liquid platform for exchange and payment service
P2P-interchange platform
Decentralized drinks ordering and tipping
Connects physical and digital
PRIZM - The New Generation Cryptocurrency
Digitalizing real estate ownerships
A scalable verification solution for blockchains
Decentralized Effective Funding
Howdoo is a messaging and social media platform that offers greater choice and control to users.
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