Your One-Stop Resources On ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

Title Symbol Start Date End Date Description Links
INGOT Coin IC 2018-07-01 2018-08-11
Creating a one-stop-shop Ecosystem that will link the Crypto markets to the current financial markets.
Typerium TYPE 2018-06-26 2018-07-23
Piracy is a huge problem for content creators. Typerium plans to change that, forever. We're building a decentralised content-creation platform, social media network, and marketplace, that's geared towards the more than 2.4 billion content consumers worldwide.
Egretia EGT 2018-05-26 2018-05-30
The World's First HTML5 Blockchain Engine and Platform
Atomic Network Token Crowdsale ATOMIC 2018-05-26 2018-06-24
Atomic Network is a digital media Internet Streaming Subscription Service.
The Acorn Collective OAK 2018-05-26 2018-06-24
We're a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform that's the first to be completely free and open-access. We want to make funding globally accessible.
Invest in Brokers INV 2018-05-26 2018-09-30
Trustless copy-trading through API services, designed for beginning and experienced cryptocurrency traders.
Bond Film Platform BFP 2018-05-25 2018-06-25
Bond is two services in one: a subscription-based video streaming service featuring content from independent creators; and a crowdinvesting platform, which allows anyone to invest in and profit from new film and video projects.
Cryptfunder CFND 2018-05-25 2018-07-08
Cryptfunder, a decentralized funding source for startup ICOs and blockchain companies, is creating a new way for pre-ICO startups and other blockchain entities to receive the required funding for success in today’s market.
Worldopoly WPT 2018-05-25 2018-07-08
The world's first mobile game combining AR, AI and Blockchain
OctoBit.IO OCTO 2018-05-24 2018-06-20
Invest in a working platform with simple and clear monetization.
SprintX SPTX 2018-05-24 2018-06-21
SprintX will become the quality standard and reliability for launching ICOs
TV-TWO TTV 2018-05-24 2018-07-24
The Decentralized Television Ecosystem
SwissRealCoin SRC 2018-05-23 2018-06-13
The stable crypto token you were waiting for.
Jointly JPT 2018-05-23 2018-06-23
The first platform, based on ethereum, which will allow group investments in ICOs to access the highest bonuses offered and break down the large investment thresholds to participate in some pre-ICO and ICO.
BGX BGX 2018-05-22 2018-06-19
BGX is a decentralized financial platform for the mobile games industry powered by artificial intelligence.
WiN W 2018-05-22 2018-06-24
Decentralized Global Wireless Exchange for Traveller'UX
Clears CLRS 2018-05-22 2018-07-09
CLEARS is a fully customizable , data-less KYC solution that maintains data integrity, security and privacy while reducing the cost of compliance verification for businesses.
MYDFS MYDFS 2018-05-21 2018-06-12
Blockchain-powered daily fantasy sports platform
TerraFirma Coin TFC 2018-05-21 2018-06-30
A coin designed to generate passive income for charity and investors.
DESICO DESI 2018-05-21 2018-08-19
DESICO is the world’s first platform to issue, buy, and sell security tokens in full compliance with the law.
GANA GANA 2018-05-21 2018-07-21
The blockchain based AI platform providing personal assistance in cannabis industry
SilkChain SILK 2018-05-20 2018-06-30
SilkChain is the first blockchain project dedicated to improving international trade and We are united around the goal of sharing more resources, and profits to create a bigger, and more efficient market to improve the long term sustainability of global trade.
Automobile Cyberchain AMCC 2018-05-20 2018-07-19
AMCC is a decentralized Vehicle Lifecycle information project.
Inpactor CSRM 2018-05-19 2018-07-19
Inpactor is an initiative of Incitement, a social business with 6.5 years of industry experience implementing humanitarian projects across the globe for some of the world's largest brands (Pepsico, L'Oreal, Nestle, FedEx, BP, SWIFT, and many more).
CurrenExchange CURX 2018-05-18 2018-06-08
CurrenExchange is a trading platform for digital assets.
VANIG VANIG 2018-05-18 2018-07-21
Vanig is the world’s first integrated E-Commerce platform and Supply Chain ecosystem powered by the blockchain.
Countinghouse Fund CHT 2018-05-16 2018-06-12
Crypto-Currency Hedge Fund run by and existing forex hedge fund.
Sandblock SAT 2018-05-16 2018-06-16
Sandblock is creating an ecosystem to connect Brands and customers with each other. Using Sandblock's protocol, Brands can create their own Branded Token and reward their customers for their loyalty, engagement and feedback using cryptocurrencies!
Vexanium VEX 2018-05-16 2018-06-16
Vexanium is a decentralized marketing ecosystem.
Tradingene Tokensale TNG 2018-05-16 2018-06-22
First blockchain based marketplace of trading algorithms
Doctor Smart DSTT 2018-05-16 2018-07-30
Innovative platform for digital healthcare and wellness services
AXenS AXS 2018-05-16 2018-07-31
AXenS is the most forward thinking B2B platform for Distributed Supply Chain Finance (DSCF) and Distributed Trade Services (DTS).
Productivist PROD 2018-05-16 2018-07-31
The first peer-to-peer network connecting private and professional manufacturers to their clients by mapping global manufacturing capacities.
White Rabbit WRT 2018-05-15 2018-06-10
Enabling content recognition for p2p streaming and secure payments with the blockchain.
CryptoFlix FLIX 2018-05-15 2018-06-15
A Blockchain film and TV streaming platform to disrupt the global multi-billion $ film, tv and e-learning markets.
RAWG RAWG 2018-05-15 2018-06-15
Video game discovery platform that converts your skills into goods and services
Whalesburg WBT 2018-05-15 2018-06-15
Worlds First enterprise ready platform for cryptocurrency miners
WalletRun WTR 2018-05-15 2018-06-15
Financial service, connecting the of fiat and crypto pay systems.
QYKBAR QYK 2018-05-15 2018-06-16
Your personal bar, on the cloud!
Advanced Miners ACM 2018-05-15 2018-07-15
Advanced Miners, a real company with mining farm in North China, provides you the most up-to-date ASIC mining-stations and electricity at 3-4 cents per kilowatt. We launch new online-platform which would allow online-mining to any person.
Shawn Stephens BLU 2018-05-15 2018-07-15
We use smart contracts to automate health insurance claims.
NOBAR NBR 2018-05-15 2018-07-30
The Complete Crypto Commerce
TruePlay TPLAY 2018-05-15 2018-07-30
Fully functioning platform created for integration of blockchain tech. into online gambling projects
aigcoin AIGC 2018-05-15 2018-08-06
Marshalling the world's AI development expertise via our education and crowdsourcing ecosystem.
ORS ORST 2018-05-14 2018-05-28
ORS Hypersmart Contracts provide access to more than 1,000 proprietary algorithms and hundreds of software solutions to the Crypto Community for boosting their business models (
PeerAtlas ATLAS 2018-05-14 2018-06-04
Join The Revolution Make Medical Information Free
Showcoin SHC 2018-05-14 2018-06-10
We will unite people of show business on one unique platform, which is already existing.
Blockshipping GSCP CCC 2018-05-14 2018-06-14
The first real-time registry of the world's 27 million shipping containers and a joint platform for all players in the container shipping industry
nedscoin NED 2018-05-14 2018-06-15
nedscoin is bringing change to the global online betting industry by providing unprecedented trust and transparency.
CryptoHunters CHT 2018-05-14 2018-06-24
The first ICO platform for ICOs investors: lower risks, higher profits, 100% crypto!
Activity ATV 2018-05-14 2018-07-15
The guarantee was made without intermediaries between the customer and the contractor
Rose Link ROSE 2018-05-14 2018-08-14
Rose link brings Fiat and crypto into one platform and integrates it into social media.
Atlasplatform ATPL 2018-05-12 2018-06-15
Atlas is a versatile Blockchain Development Platform designed exclusively for #Nocoiners. We leverage simplicity and encourage mainstream adoption via already known Technology such as email.
Cubomania CUBO 2018-05-11 2018-06-14
It's a blockchain educational platform for children delivering content through the interactive robotic IoT toy.
SOSR COIN SOSR 2018-05-10 2018-06-09
Resolve global waste with blockchain
3cCoin 3CCOIN 2018-05-10 2018-06-10
The option of industrial products Composite Cellular Concrete "3C".
JTR Mart JTR 2018-05-10 2018-06-10
The first decentralized eco-system for the sale of electronics, household appliances with subsequent exchange for new models after use.
FITCASH FTH 2018-05-10 2018-06-20
O FitCash passou a ser uma forma de pagamento descentralizada voltada para a área esportiva, nosso objetivo é passar dos pagamentos mensais das academias para as compras de materiais esportivos, desenvolvendo um aplicativo com pagamento direcionado onde será vantajoso para ambas as partes.
Cosmecoin COSX 2018-05-10 2018-11-10
The first decentralized ecosystem directly connecting aesthetic practitioners and consumers.
High Purity Quartz HPQ 2018-05-09 2018-06-08
The #1 Industrial Commodity-Backed ICO in Asia '2018
KStarCoin KSC 2018-05-09 2018-06-08
The First Hallyu Cryptocurrency by (8MM+ followers)! Crowdfunding for K-Pop Concerts and Events with KStarCoin Blockchain.
AI Crypto AIC 2018-05-09 2018-06-30
AI Crypto's aim is to adapt the blockchain technology to the field of AI researches on a global scale.
DAOstack GEN 2018-05-08 2018-06-07
DAOstack is an operational stack for DAOs, a comprehensive toolkit for decentralized collaboration at scale.
Forever Has Fallen FC 2018-05-08 2018-06-19
Blockchain gamification using transmedia and a blockbuster story; powered by Forever Coin.
Telluria TELA 2018-05-07 2018-07-02
An innovative, new generation cryptocurrency marketplace, which eliminates the issues of existing solutions, significantly expands the possibilities of traders and allows for maximum profits to be drawn with minimal risks.
O2OPay O2O 2018-05-07 2018-06-17
The benefits of a Smart life
LightBitAtom LBA 2018-05-07 2018-07-15
Largest decentralized multi-crypto exchange
DPLAY.GG DPX 2018-05-06 2018-06-04
International eSports Torunaments
UpSkills USK 2018-05-05 2018-07-04
Blockchain based freelance platform.
NVA NETWORK NVAN 2018-05-05 2018-07-15
Decentralized compliance.
Webercoin WBC 2018-05-05 2018-07-28
A Social Platform that Fuels and Rewards Users.
EMMARES - Email Marketing Rewarding System EMA 2018-05-05 2018-09-09
EMMARES is connecting high-quality email content with interested recipients. Encouraging better quality content, lower frequency, and fair content evaluation, EMMARES brings new value, an expanded audience for email marketers and less spam with only desired content for recipients. EMMARES - Email Marketing Rewarding System is an evaluation system that highly benefits email marketers (senders) as well as email recipients (all email users). Pre-sale: Mar 1st 2018 — Mar 31st 2018 ICO: Apr 1st 2018 — Apr 30th 2018
optcoin OTN 2018-05-04 2018-05-31
optcoin cryptocurrency
DIW Token DIW 2018-05-03 2018-05-31
DIW Token - Your Virtual life Secured and Decentralized
ICOStart ICH 2018-05-02 2018-05-30
We are a Swiss ICO and Blockchain services incubator; lots of services fot ICO startup, and nice deals like presales for token holders.
CryptonsGame QST 2018-05-02 2018-05-31
CryptonsGame is the world’s first blockchain ecosystem to combine a Crypto Collectibles platform with video games.
Safinus SAF 2018-05-02 2018-06-02
A platform, where new entrants to the crypto market can join profitable crypto-currency portfolios of experienced investors in just a few clicks with mutual benefits for both sides
Matchroom MRT 2018-05-02 2018-07-31 is the FIRST OF ITS KIND IN SEA which is centralizing the gaming community in one platform and revolutionizing the gaming industry with blockchain technology.
Extrabit EXB 2018-05-01 2018-05-27
Decentralized Mining Platform
INSPEM INP 2018-05-01 2018-05-28
INSPEM - video analytics revolution for people search!
Docnota DCNT 2018-05-01 2018-05-30
Smart electronic document circulation
STeX Exchange A2A 2018-05-01 2018-05-31
All Coins. One Platform. Trade over 10,000 direct coin cross rates in one place.
Blue Whale BWX 2018-05-01 2018-05-31
The Decentralized Ecosystem for Self-employed.
Fixy Network FXY 2018-05-01 2018-05-31
Fixy Network makes it possible for people to use cryptocurrency in their day to day life. The Network will include a decentralized marketplace and a decentralized OTC exchange.
Graz GRZ 2018-05-01 2018-05-31
Blockchain betting platform
CoinJanitor JAN 2018-05-01 2018-05-31
CoinJanitor offers a recycling mechanism to restore the lost value in functionally dead coins and reduce cryptocurrency market dilution.
miBoodle MIBO 2018-05-01 2018-05-31
Decentralised application enabling consumers to build a sustainable online income
Property Coin PCX 2018-05-01 2018-05-31
Your opportunity to own a professionally managed portfolio of real estate assets via the blockchain
StockChain SCC 2018-05-01 2018-05-31
StockChain is the world’s 1st decentralized cryptocurrency quotation and exchange platform with the data from the exchanges from all over the world uploaded to the chain to benefit its global users.
Trashdation TRH 2018-05-01 2018-05-31
Creation of an infrastructure for the development of garbage processing with the help of financing for Waves/
Cryptyk CTK 2018-05-01 2018-06-01
Blockchain for Enterprise Security
Zeex ZIX 2018-05-01 2018-06-01
Zeex is tackling crypto's biggest challenge-buying products and services.
Hash Card HSHC 2018-05-01 2018-06-12
Hash Card converts cryptocurrencies to traditional currency in real-time, and is accepted at tens of millions merchants and ATMs
INTRO ITR 2018-05-01 2018-06-15
Business Intelligence Services for the participants of residential construction market.
Global Survey SRT 2018-05-01 2018-06-15
Global Survey is a unique project linking through blockchain technologies those who need to explore public opinion with those who can share this opinion.
ACA Network ACA 2018-05-01 2018-06-30
ACA Network will disrupt the online advertising industry from Japan to the world by using block chain technology.
Certore CERT 2018-05-01 2018-06-30
Certore is an open standardization and certification platform for digital tokens.
Crypto Gaule CGL 2018-05-01 2018-06-30
100% independent french cryptocurrency
Konios Project KON 2018-05-01 2018-06-30
The worlds most secure cash & crypto platform
Monaco Estate MEST 2018-05-01 2018-06-30
Monaco Estate is a cryptocurrency real estate investment fund.
Tradelize TDZ 2018-05-01 2018-06-30
An ecosystem where ProTraders gain a unique trading toolset and investors achieve investment results equal to those of the best experts
HireGo HGO 2018-05-01 2018-07-14
World's first decentralized peer-to-peer car rental platform built on blockchain technology
TrustFunding TFC 2018-05-01 2018-07-31
TFC conducts crowdfunding by listing only excellent businesses in the Trust Funding Platform (TFP)
Union UNI 2018-05-01 2018-07-31
Ecosystem for collaborative savings, and lending, on Blockchain
eCoinomic CNC 2018-05-01 2018-08-01
a digital services platform that bridges the gap between fiat currencies and crypto assets
COTI COTI 2018-04-30 2018-05-28
A payments network that combines the best of traditional payment methods and digital currencies
ImmVRse IMV 2018-04-30 2018-05-31
ImmVRse is a decentralised digital VR content sharing platform that will allow content creators, brands and advertisers alike, to inspire, share and collaborate to produce some of the best VR content available online.
Blockchain Hotels 24 HCI 2018-04-30 2018-06-01
We Are Building The First Chain Of Hotels Based On Blockchain
ForgeCDN FORGE 2018-04-30 2018-06-02
A fog computing AI-driven decentralized CDN with blockchain-based payment system
Essentia ESS 2018-04-30 2018-06-30
Essentia is the decentralized framework to create, store and access your digital life.
Urbit URB 2018-04-30 2018-06-30
Platform that enables the assessment of real estate, rents, sales, holiday rentals.
Luckchemy LUK 2018-04-30 2018-07-20
Provably fair online gambling platform based on blockchain technology and off-chain cryptography.
ENTRY ENTRY 2018-04-30 2018-07-30
We are licensed money institution in EU with over 100+ team members on a working product. ENTRY is aim to be gateway between traditional and new financial paradigms and systems led by cryptocurrencies and empower the financial ecosystem to have a framework that allows for inter-operability between the two.
Deedcoin DEED 2018-04-30 2018-12-31
Deedcoin uses blockchain technology to tokenize and reduce real estate commissions down to 1% on the purchase or sale of any property.
Terra Virtua TVT 2018-04-29 2018-06-15
Terra Virtua is the first fully immersive, blockchain-driven VR entertainment Platform.
Greeneum Network GREEN 2018-04-28 2018-05-30
GREENEUM's vision is to accelerate the global energy transition towards GREEN energy using smart contracts, targeted AI and Blockchain technology.
DREAM DREAM 2018-04-28 2018-06-02
When You Need A Team
Datareum DTN 2018-04-28 2018-07-02
Decentralized Marketplace for Data.
Waltix WLTX 2018-04-28 2018-12-31
Waltix – an innovative solution for the ticketing market, combining the convenience of mobile applications and the safety of blockchain.
Crypton VC CRN 2018-04-27 2018-06-09
Crypton VC is a connection between the crypto world and the traditional investment market
CMR Coin CMR 2018-04-26 2018-05-31
CMR is the ICO Starter
Plaza Systems PLAZA 2018-04-26 2018-06-07
Plaza Systems occupies the intersection of lifestyle and technology.
Bidipass BDP 2018-04-26 2018-06-21
Secure identity for everyone
BlockGrain AGRI 2018-04-26 2018-06-24
Blockgrain is Australia's first agricultural token sale
WeevoCity WEE 2018-04-26 2018-06-27
Decentralized Social Urban Network for Online Marketing Focused on Local Business
BitImage BIM 2018-04-26 2018-07-19
Next generation digital media marketplace
Dynatiq DTQ 2018-04-25 2018-06-09
Dencenralized Marketplace for Domain & Business
Maximine MXM 2018-04-25 2018-06-25
The best platform for multi-token decentralized cloud mining
CoinPayo PAYO 2018-04-25 2018-07-04
CoinPayo | A Digital Payments Platform with Cryptocurrency
Utrum OOT 2018-04-24 2018-06-20
Incentivized Review Platform
BestMeta BMT 2018-04-23 2018-06-15
BestMeta: harnessing the blockchain to connect esports talents with fans via Personalized Talent Tokens
Korona Coin KOT 2018-04-23 2018-06-21
Designed for real, wide, everyday use for purchasing goods and services, Korona Coin is a European based cryptotoken, supported by a complex ecosystem, including among others a cryptobank and a large scale retail framework.
BrainerZ BRNZ 2018-04-22 2018-06-17
BrainerZ is the world’s first knowledge-based gaming platform operating on blockchain, allowing users around the world to compete in skills-based micro-games and earn BRNZ tokens. We call the BrainerZ platform a “skills-based playground,” where winning depends on knowledge, skills, and curiosity.
RoBET RAC 2018-04-20 2018-06-30
RoBET is going to be the first platform for crypto sports betting and cryptocurrency exchange.
Aitheon AIC 2018-04-20 2018-06-05
Aitheon, the digital ecosystem simplifying your world through A.I., robotic, and human symbiosis.
The Imigize Service Blockchain IMGZ 2018-04-20 2018-06-08
Blockchain Ecosystem of the global online market of footwear and clothing
Cine CINE 2018-04-20 2018-06-10
A Token for the Movies Industry
VoxelX GRAY 2018-04-20 2018-06-10
VoxelX - It's not an idea, it's a BETA product,the Blockchain Powered Medical DICOM-Platform.
CryptalDash CRD 2018-04-19 2018-06-19
Two Worlds, One Solution
ORIS.Space ORGN 2018-04-19 2018-07-07
Monetize your Intuition
IAME IAM 2018-04-18 2018-06-18
IAME Decentralised Fragmented Identification System
SBC Platform SBCE 2018-04-17 2018-06-27
The World’s first automated ICO solution for Startups and SMEs
RusGas RGS 2018-04-17 2018-06-16
BlockChain platform for a technological breakthrough in the gas industry MASP 2018-04-16 2018-05-27
Decentralized self-regulatory host aggregator for data storage, transmission and direct content distribution
OpenProductDB OPDB 2018-04-16 2018-05-28
Global full-featured open database of goods. Designed for the cryptocurrency era.
Golden Currency PGCT 2018-04-16 2018-05-31
First cash private money on blockchain, 100% backed by gold, and its infrastructure.
WeiCrowd WEIS 2018-04-16 2018-06-07
The Safest Token Marketplace Powered by its own Exchange and Accelerator.
Elysian ELY 2018-04-16 2018-06-10
A decentralized platform to build Ecommerce websites on the blockchain
Multiversum MTV 2018-04-16 2018-06-10
4th Generation Relational Blockchain
AX1 AX1 2018-04-16 2018-06-11
Capital Appreciation Mining Token
GPN COIN GPN 2018-04-16 2018-06-15
The gambling and porn network coin
Bioritmai BRM 2018-04-16 2018-06-16
A personalized medicine of the future
mCoin MCN 2018-04-16 2018-06-16
The World's First Cryptocurrency Accessible Even Without The Internet. Connecting The Unconnected
JointEDU JOI 2018-04-16 2018-06-30
ICO JointEDU was created for accomplishment of educational smart platform project which is upcoming.
VEIRIS VRS 2018-04-16 2018-08-16
DCentral Capital JST1 2018-04-16 2018-11-22
Create an ethical and inclusive co-operative Venture Partnership growing emerging ideas and technologies through a global digital community.
Personal Data Democracy PDATA 2018-04-15 2018-05-27
PDATA radically changes todays centralized way of personal data brokerage. We are building the first Ethereum blockchain based marketplace for the secure trading of personal data.
NOSCAM Platform NSC 2018-04-15 2018-05-30
NOSCAM-Scam projects searching platform
RAISON RSN 2018-04-15 2018-05-31
RAISON is an AI-based platform designed to handle investments and personal finance.
EcoStart ECT 2018-04-15 2018-06-15
Ecostart – инновационное решение для глобального рынка экологических проектов, реализуется в виде публичной распределённой криптографической платформы для создания приложений и программных решений на открытом блокчейне для поддержки экологических и природоохранных проектов.
All-Stocks Network AST 2018-04-15 2018-06-30
The All-Stocks Network is a distributed global stock exchange platform which aims to interface with all major stock exchanges and stock brokers around the world.
Wixlar Coin WIXLAR 2018-04-15 2018-06-30
Wixlar CryptoCurrency offers 12 Services and its TV Broadcasting Channel
ofnog OG 2018-04-15 2018-07-15
OFNOG is a unique crypto trading solution designed with the power of Artificial Intelligence and Deep learning technology. OFNOG solution will enable traders to trade more effectively and accurately powered by deep learning methodology and accurate development of Artificial Intelligence.
ClearAid CAID 2018-04-15 2018-07-29
ClearAid is a charity on blockchain to track donations and automate fund distribution.
ZeroEdge.Bet ZERO 2018-04-15 2018-08-01
A next-gen gambling platform with 0% house edge games
Successlife SLT 2018-04-15 2018-05-31
A customized Payment Solution for the Education, Personal and Professional Development Industries
LocalCoinSwap LCS 2018-04-15 2018-06-15
The world's most inclusive and expansive P2P Crypto marketplace.
TALAO TALAO 2018-04-14 2018-06-14
Talao is the first decentralized and blockchain-based marketplace, enabling companies to mobilize the best Talent in the major industrial and technological sectors.
PROOF OF TOSS TOSS 2018-04-12 2018-06-12
A decentralized betting protocol on blockchain, on a path to disrupt the $60 billion betting industry.
MNG Coin MNG 2018-04-10 2018-05-27
Decentralized Money Transfer Platform
Cryptonia Poker CPC 2018-04-10 2018-07-01
Play poker online with cryptocurrency. This blockchain-powered platform lets you play in a fair and safe environment.
Diveco Logistics XDIV 2018-04-10 2018-07-10
Diveco Logistics is a project of the latest generation logistics platform and ERP system operating in the cloud, fully based on integrated Blockchain technologies and the IoT (Internet of Things) concept in the Tangle registry.
One Hundred Coin OHC 2018-04-10 2018-11-10
Buy 100 different services or products for one utility coin.
Ethereum Slot Machine EST 2018-04-09 2018-05-28
The first mobile game in the world which simulates slot machine for Ethereum network!
Welltrado WTL 2018-04-09 2018-06-04
Bringing 10M already existing loans to crypto. Invest any coin, get up to 20% returns.
Taklimakan Network TKLN 2018-04-09 2018-06-09
The Blockchain Investment Platform
StasyQ SQOIN 2018-04-06 2018-06-05
StasyQ brings crypto revolution to the adult industry
GIG9 9COIN 2018-04-05 2018-07-15
Decentralized self-regulated freelance ecosystem, directly connecting service providers and consumers, powered by blockchain-based smart contracts.
LetItPlay PLAY 2018-04-04 2018-06-01
LetItPlay - Audio layer of the internet.
CryptoCashbackRebate CCR 2018-04-04 2018-06-18
First Cashback & Rebate Portal For Cryptocurrency Community.
VirUs project VIS 2018-04-03 2018-07-03
A complex of products to change the ICO market created by innovative scheme to attract investments - ATS.
United Crypto Mining Group UCMG 2018-04-02 2018-05-27
The best crypto mining solutions.
Squeezer SQZR 2018-04-02 2018-05-31
Squeezer connects blockchain to the world class clouds
Ubcoin Market UBC 2018-04-02 2018-05-31
exchange cryptocurrency for real goods and vice versa
Trademindx TMX 2018-04-02 2018-06-02
Trademindx is a machine learning platform for cryptocurrency traders providing clear buy, sell and hold signals based on our unique algorithm
IAGON IAG 2018-04-02 2018-07-08
IAGON is a Global Supercomputer, powered by Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology that will harness the storage capacities and processing power of multiple computers over a decentralized blockchain grid.
London Football Exchange LFE 2018-04-02 2018-07-22
The London Football Exchange is a revolutionary democratisation of Football.
Pointium PNT 2018-04-01 2018-05-29
Global Decentralized Platform for Points Management & Loyalty Program
Adblurb ADBL 2018-04-01 2018-05-30
Adblurb - The Future of Advertising !
Paygine PGC 2018-04-01 2018-06-01
Paygine is a FinTech start-up that is building an open financial platform based on new technologies to provide a stack of services to global FinTech community as a White Label.
CellBlocks CLBK 2018-04-01 2018-06-10
Creating an Economy for Inmates in the Prison System
BCharity - International Charity Exchange CHAR 2018-04-01 2018-06-30
First unique international charity exchange based on the blockchain technology with implementation of a cryptocurrency.
PRETHER PTH 2018-04-01 2018-06-30
PRETHER, cryptocurrency backed by Precious Metals
Optitoken OPTI 2018-04-01 2018-07-01
An Algorithmically Traded Hyper-Deflationary Cryptocurrency
Crowd Machine CMCT 2018-04-01 2019-05-22
Crowd Machine is powering the next generation of decentralized blockchain applications.
Rouge RGE 2018-03-31 2018-06-02
Coupons: Re-engineered for the blockchain age
Keen KNT 2018-03-31 2018-06-30
Keen is an autonomous ride-hailing platform that is decentralized, user friendly and available everywhere.
POVCoin PPOVR 2018-03-30 2018-06-22
Development of interactive virtual easily accessible anonymous cryptocurrency network and gadgets for adult entertainment.
ONSTELLAR ONST 2018-03-29 2018-06-07
Subject specific social network with large audience.
DAFZO DFZ 2018-03-29 2018-07-15
Global logistics Blockchain
Ovato OVT 2018-03-27 2018-05-31
Ovato is a utility token for shopping with merchants while receiving rewards back and giving to the social good.
Cryptoloans LCN 2018-03-27 2018-06-27
First blockchain platform for secure lending, trading and exchange cryptocurrency.
Fitrova FRV 2018-03-26 2018-05-30
Fitrova is Revolutionizing the Health & Fitness Industry by Harnessing Blockchain Technology.
LIFT Token LIFT 2018-03-25 2018-07-15
Next Generation Driving Plattform
xDAC XDAC 2018-03-21 2018-08-31
Build Your Decentralized Company
Vooglue VGC 2018-03-20 2018-06-21
To be the preferred provider of art ecosystem enablers for permanently connecting digital media and eCommerce counterparts to physical art.
EpigenCare EPIC 2018-03-19 2018-06-01
Truly personalized skincare based on epigenetic skincare test and tokenized ecosystem.
Coin Mine Australia CMA 2018-03-19 2018-06-25
Australia's First & Largest Crowd Funded Mining Operation
Crypterra CPTX 2018-03-19 2018-07-02
We build independent decentralized ecosystem infrastructure for cryptocurrency with own islands!
Alibabacoin ABBC 2018-03-16 2018-07-03
Crypto Currency Market Space
Spot Light SLC 2018-03-15 2018-06-15
Spot Light Coin is the safest way to purchase products and services in a self-sustaining crypto economy that leverages all of the most effective digital marketing platforms, and consolidates them into one high quality, referral based solution that rewards YOU based on your social reach.
MoBee MBE 2018-03-15 2018-06-20
Virtual mobile operator
CEYRON CEY 2018-03-15 2018-07-15
Ceyron ICO - Token Paying Annual Dividends by Debit Card Worldwide
Xmoneta XMN 2018-03-13 2018-05-31
Xmoneta - cryptomessenger for social and business communication
CarVDB CAR 2018-03-13 2018-06-11
The First Decentralized End-to-End Blockchain Platform for the Automotive World!
SKYFchain SKYFT 2018-03-10 2018-06-15
The First B2R (Business 2 Robots) Operating Platform for Cargo Robotics Industry
DarcMatter Coin DMC 2018-03-07 2018-06-30
DarcMatter Coin (DMC) will use NEMs blockchain to remove opacity and inefficiencies from the global alternative investment industry.
Revizor Coin RR 2018-03-03 2018-09-03
Revizor is an innovative project in the field of regulation of the crypto-currency market, the main task of which is to create software tools that would filter a wide range of assets by absorbing unpromising tokens.
Sharpay SHRP 2018-03-01 2018-05-31
Sharpay is the share button with blockchain profit
Virtonomics VIC 2018-03-01 2018-05-31
Virtonomics is a business strategy game based on real world economy, which has been on the market for more than 10 years, having a huge pool of individual players and business customers (2 million registered users worldwide), constant in-flow of new clients and a top position in Google search.
Yield Coin YLD 2018-03-01 2018-05-31
Yield Coin is a diverse multipurpose token pegged to a group of businesses structured in different sectors, creating one of the only non-single point of failure tokens, backed by Finance and Banking experts. INK 2018-03-01 2018-06-01
CVproof will offer a business model that rewards stakeholders, such through a revenue sharing mechanism. We designed a genuine ecosystem enabling users to access, create and offer services for which they will pay and/or receive a remuneration in tokens.
OGECoin OGEC 2018-03-01 2018-06-01
Innovative industrial production of professional equipment for the Oil&Gas industry, high margin project with IRR 64%, ROI 158%, total sales should become to about 204 million US dollars with the project lifetime, moreover with the great potential of obtaining own oil field exploration licenses in Eurasia.
Fiancia FIN 2018-03-01 2018-06-15
Fiancia- A revolutionary copytrading platform and dedicated crypto news TV channel.
RefugeCoin RFG 2018-03-01 2018-08-31
We Are Building A Blockchain Technology Platform For Refugees' Projects.
mCart Protocol MCART 2018-02-27 2018-05-31
Democratizing Influence Marketing on Blockchain
Blockchain MD XMD 2018-02-21 2018-05-31
Telemedicine on the Blockchain
Fiduxa FDU 2018-02-12 2018-06-12
Decentralized platform to provide a trustful, permanent certification of skills and competencies.
AffiliateCoin AFL 2018-02-12 2018-06-22
AffiliateCoin is here to revolutionise Affiliate Marketing, powered by the security, support and investment capacity of cryptocurrency.
Mavin MVN 2018-02-12 2018-09-15
A reward-based influencer marketing ecosystem on blockchain.
Etheera ETA 2018-02-10 2018-06-03
The Future of Real Estate with decentralized Portal + All In One Software Solution for the Agents.
Monster Bit MB 2018-02-10 2018-06-10
The future is for blockchain games.
Globitex GBX 2018-02-10 2018-07-01
Globitex is a leading Bitcoin exchange owned by an EMI (Electronic Money Institution) licensed group, that enables commodities trading paired with cryptocurrency and a technologically advanced API for market makers.
MoneyToken IMT 2018-02-07 2018-06-06
With MoneyToken, There Is No Need to Sell Your BTC When You Need Cash or Liquid funds
GrocerCoin GRCR 2018-02-03 2018-06-03
The token designed to shape the future of agriculture around the world.
ADAMANT Messenger ADM 2018-01-30 2018-06-30
Anonymous messenger encrypted with Blockchain
Aworker WORK 2018-01-26 2018-06-26
Aworker is the first decentralized ecosystem of Reputation Building for Employees in the world.
IAC AutoUnit ATK 2018-01-25 2018-07-22
IAC - Multilevel Cashback Service on Blockchain
Pocketinns PINNS 2018-01-15 2018-12-31
The worlds first decentralized blockchain based community driven marketplace ecosystem.
YouRa YRC 2018-01-01 2018-06-01
Next generation communication platform with crypto currency support
METAtip META 2018-01-01 2018-08-01
Fastest token on the market.
Canabio CNB 2018-01-01 2019-11-15
Canabio is Blockchain-Based European Cannabis Health Advanced Investment Project.
FinTechBit FTB 2018-01-01 2018-12-31
Join Now FinitechBit token is a utility token that enables you to freely become a member of an active trading education community.
fynance Token FYG 2017-12-24 2018-06-24
The true Compliance Token
Augmate MATE 2017-12-15 2018-06-15
Augmate is a blockchain-agnostic IoT management platform for device management and data security.
Valorem VLR 2017-12-15 2018-06-28
Niche platform for the 99%
Fast Invest FIT 2017-12-04 2018-12-31
An operating online investment platform is expanding service scope to crypto related financial products powered by blockchain.
Reipex RPX 2017-12-01 2018-06-01
Ecosystem Blockchain Applications
Block Bank BBRT 2017-11-20 2018-10-12
Block Bank is a digital decentralized commercial banking entity
Adpump ADP 2017-11-13 2018-12-25
Adpump Blockchain Affiliate Markeplace
Telegraf Money DBC 2017-10-24 2018-10-24
The Decentralized Platform & Messenger Bank
Goodwill Protocol GOODWILL 2017-10-01 2018-10-01
Goodwill Coins help you turn your causes, visions, and ideas into crowdsourced actionable goals, then into reality
LookRev LOK 2017-09-08 2018-09-30
LookRev - VR + Blockchain + Business, is the first blockchain-based marketplace for creative products.
Tremissis TMS 2017-08-01 2018-09-30
A new token relased in three levels finishing by a new digital currency.
Airchain ANK TBD TBD
Airchain: The next revolution in Freight Industry.
Title Symbol Start Date End Date Description Links
Slate SLX 2018-05-27 2018-06-16
SLATE is a blockchain-based entertainment utility protocol powered by a cryptographically secure multilayered network.
Cryptectum TECT 2018-05-27 2018-06-17
Real Estate investment on blockchain basis
Benchmark BMK 2018-05-28 2018-08-31
Benchmark tokens give their holders the exclusive opportunity to participate in global projects
MetaMorph METM 2018-05-28 2018-07-14
The All-in-one Coin & App to Secure, Manage & Exchange Cryptocurrencies!
ShoCoin SHO 2018-05-28 2018-06-11
ShoCoin is a cryptocurrency that allows compensation for sharing of identity data between different parties and service providers, which helps lower friction and open up new venues of data sharing between disparate parties while allowing individuals to share in the compensation-economy related to their information.
Tutellus TUT 2018-05-28 2018-06-30
The platform that pays you for learning
VLUX VLUX 2018-05-28 2018-05-31
Peer-to-peer energy and data trading protocol.
VTOS VTOS 2018-05-28 2018-08-06
Decentralized CDN & Social Network
CryptoPolice OFCR 2018-05-29 2018-06-26
Сryptopolice is first communnity based decetralized police on blockchain
Opu Labs OPU 2018-05-29 2018-07-12
Opu Labs is the blockchain solution for the global skincare industry.
Totipay Network TPX 2018-05-29 2018-07-10
Send money like you send information
NOIA Network NOIA 2018-05-29 2018-06-28
NOIA is a widely distributed and decentralized layer of the internet’s infrastructure. Empowered by blockchain technology and AI it enables everyone to supply their unused storage and bandwidth to optimize the way the Internet functions.
CasperAPI CST 2018-05-30 2018-06-30
Decentralized cloud storage for any blockchain
Genuine coin GRC 2018-05-30 2018-06-23
Gcoin is the token that will be used on the Gride platform for payment settlement by our drivers and passengers.
PEP Network PEP 2018-05-30 2018-06-30
The First Decentralized & Personalized Content Ecosystem
RightMesh RMESH 2018-05-30 2018-06-13
RightMesh is a distributed network that incentivizes people to share mobile device resources, such as Internet, data, and storage, with those who lack access, thereby increasing global connectivity and facilitating international communication and commerce.
Belotto BEL 2018-05-31 2018-08-30
The new decentralized standard for lotteries
Safein SFN 2018-05-31 2018-06-30
Safein is a decentralized blockchain-based identity management platform. It provides a complete KYC solution for businesses and a universal verified account for users.
AI Opinion AIOP 2018-06-01 2018-06-30
The technology designed by AI Opinion will be able to determine the type of nosology* on any medical scan or image.
BitNautic BTNT 2018-06-01 2018-07-30
Bitnautic - decentralised shipping platform
Cardium CAD 2018-06-01 2018-06-30
Tokenize your everyday activity.
CHERR.IO CHR 2018-06-01 2018-06-15
CHERR.IO is a blockchain solution for charitable donations, aiming to open new horizons for the way charitable, humanitarian and socially responsible organizations operate.
CryptoMillionsLotto CML 2018-06-01 2018-06-29
The world's biggest crypto lottery.
Suvi Rinkinen DUC 2018-06-01 2018-06-30
First MultiChain Oracles Framework
Eternal Trusts ETT 2018-06-01 2018-08-01
Eternal Trusts is a blockchain platform for deferred purchases of future technologies
Export.Online EXON 2018-06-01 2018-07-01
The international trading platform Export.Online is created to solve the existing problems and difficulties of exporters associated with the start and conduct of activities in international trade.
Future1Coin F1C 2018-06-01 2018-06-30
Future1Coin is a one stop shop platform for Cryptocurrency Education , Trading, ICO’s Launch Services , Affiliate Marketing , Token Purchasing and Coin Summits.
Gladage GAC 2018-06-01 2018-06-30
Decentralized Senior Care Ecosystem powered by Blockchain
GrabAMeal GAM 2018-06-01 2018-07-18
Decentralized meal sharing on blockchain
Game Protocol GPT 2018-06-01 2018-07-31
Game Protocol is a decentralized gaming ecosystem which includes a crypto-based crowd funding platform for games and a decentralized game store.
HUYUcoin HUYU 2018-06-01 2018-06-30
FREE decentralized genealogy platform powered by blockchain and big data.
Inbot Intoken INTOKEN 2018-06-01 2018-06-30
Inbot is an AI-powered platform for trusted introductions.
Involve IQO 2018-06-01 2018-09-01
Involve is the first cryptoplatform for mobile apps which engages into relationship all parties of the market of mobile apps: users, developers, investors.
KINGS KNG 2018-06-01 2018-07-31
Change the real society into a cashless world.
Mandala MDX 2018-06-01 2018-07-13
Mandala is a platform that will bring cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets to the masses through a beautifully designed user interface and easy to understand trading technology.
Ommer OMR 2018-06-01 2018-06-30
Getting cryptocurrencies shouldn't be that hard!
Profede PATO 2018-06-01 2018-09-14
Decentralized Professional Protocol
Swace SWA 2018-06-01 2018-07-14
Blockchain-based social gaming platform featuring smart contract-enabled games to empower users to engage with brands and get rewarded.
TOKPIE TKP 2018-06-01 2018-07-05
Peer to Peer Cryptocurrency-Fiat and Swap Exchange
CRYPTTO TTO 2018-06-01 2018-09-01
Institutional-grade crypto trading platform with proven sophisticated proprietary signals and trading strategies powered by market-leading ultrafast execution across all major exchanges
UMKA UMK 2018-06-01 2018-08-01
UMKA is a Decentralized Labor Market
Universal Recognition Token URT 2018-06-01 2018-05-15
Universal Recognition Token is the first blockchain based corporate rewards marketplace where employees may sell their gifts, rewards and prizes to the general public.
Viola.AI VAI 2018-06-01 2018-07-01
Viola.AI is the World’s First A.I-driven Marketplace for Dating and Relationships with real business backing of 13 years.
Contract Vault VLT 2018-06-01 2018-06-15
Contract Vault is a Blockchain-powered platform on which anyone can develop, use, resell, customise and repurpose legally sound contracts.
Bountie BOUNTIE 2018-06-02 2018-06-13
We are creating an ecosystem between gamers, gaming partners and publishers, and Bountie.
Goldchip Mining Asset GMA 2018-06-03 2018-07-12
Our project aims to decentralise the opportunity to invest in multi-million dollar gold mining projects.
AMO AMO 2018-06-04 2018-06-23
A Blockchain for the CAR DATA Market
Open Source University EDU 2018-06-04 2018-07-01
Empowering 7 billion learners to connect to world's top academic education and professional development opportunities on the Ethereum blockchain
Peoplewave PWV 2018-06-04 2018-07-13
Put people first in people management. To bring fairness, transparency, datadriven decision making, & humanity to the workplace.
CRWD Network CRWT 2018-06-06 2018-06-20
A decentralized network protocol for issuing and managing tokenized equity offerings of SMEs, Start-ups and Real Estate Projects.
Crypto Angel ANGEL 2018-06-07 2018-07-14
CryptoAngel is virtual life guide, a Blockchain based Artificial intelligence designed to enhance human intelligence, it is a system that is smart enough to understand and predict your intentions and serve as your independent future advocate in uncertain, unknowable and unpredictable future time frames.
Ethbay EBAY 2018-06-07 2018-08-07
A decentralized peer to peer marketplace where users can buy and sell using Ethereum
Kasko2go K2G 2018-06-07 2018-07-07
First blockchain community for safer driving
REOS REOS 2018-06-08 2018-07-20
Decentralized ecosystem for user-generated content
Trivver Token Sale TRVR 2018-06-08 2018-07-07
TRVR is the currency of the Smart Object Economy provided in the form of a bounty by Trivver to developers for creating simple Generic Smart Objects (GSOs) for the Smart Object Catalogue and required as payment to Trivver by developers for the right to author complex GSOs. In return for authoring complex GSOs developers earn royalties whenever revenues are generated by that Smart Object -- from a publisher using the GSO to build XR content or by an advertiser using the GSO to create a Branded Smart Object (BSO) for use in an ad campaign.
UHIVE HVE 2018-06-10 2018-09-15
UHIVE, The New Era of Social Networking
MONETO MTO 2018-06-10 2018-07-10
MONETO is a loan service, through which users will be able to receive fiat money on the security of Bitcoin online and almost instantly.
Code of Talent CODE 2018-06-11 2018-08-05
Code of Talent is the world’s first block-chain micro-learning platform designed to uplift people’s motivation to learn.
DAV DAV 2018-06-11 2018-06-25
Move anything, anywhere with one token.
TrustedCars Flex FLEX 2018-06-11 2018-07-09
Changing Car Ownership forever by turning dealerships into mobility providers while offering customers a commitment-free, all-inclusive and affordable solution
Hive Power HVT 2018-06-11 2018-06-30
Hive Power provides anyone with the possibility to create and manage energy communities on the Ethereum blockchain.
Pavocoin PAVO 2018-06-12 2018-07-14
IoT Blockchain for the AgTech Ecosystem
Howdoo UDOO 2018-06-12 2018-07-12
Howdoo is a messaging and social media platform that offers greater choice and control to users.
Liquidity.Network LQD 2018-06-14 2018-08-29
The Liquidity.Network is an off-chain scaling solution to existing blockchains, providing significant improvements for payments.
AbacasXchange ABCS 2018-06-15 2018-07-15
Abacas is hybrid decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows you to trade, exchange or transfer Any Asset Anywhere Anytime.
Altair VR AVR 2018-06-15 2018-07-15
Virtual Encyclopedia on Blockchain
BASIS NEURO BNST 2018-06-15 2018-07-15
Brain-computer Interfaces to train your brain, manipulate gadgets and enjoy new VR powerful games.
Kimera KIMERA 2018-06-15 2018-08-31
Combining powerful AI with Blockchain to proactively make P2P connections across ANY industry.
Koios AI KOI 2018-06-15 2018-06-15
Democratizing AI for the Global Consumer
Loyakk Vega LYK 2018-06-15 2018-07-22
Loyakk’s blockchain-enabled platform transforms how enterprises collaborate & share data with their business networks.
Noiz Chain NOIZ 2018-06-15 2018-08-15
NOIZ is an AI+blockchain ad exchange network providing transparent data to all parties, ensuring optimized user experience & empowering social impact campaigns.
AQWIRE QEY 2018-06-15 2018-07-15
Cross-border real estate transaction platform powered by blockchain.
Rolecoin ROLE 2018-06-15 2018-07-15
RoleCoin, a digital currency that tracks and measures the skill and career development progress of its recipient.
Valena-SV SVCOIN 2018-06-15 2018-07-15
VALENA-SV is already successful and existing business
CryptoAds Marketplace CRAD 2018-06-16 2018-07-16
A powerful advertising platform built on Ethereum
GOeureka GET 2018-06-17 2018-08-31
GOeureka is a travel tech company utilising blockchain technology to build a hotel booking platform.
OSA Decentralized OSA 2018-06-17 2018-07-17
OSA DC is a decentralized, AI-driven blockchain platform that collects and analyzes data from retailers, manufacturers, consumers, and open data sources in real-time.
Habibi Coin HBB 2018-06-18 2018-07-17
Habibi Coin is making it easy to invest in real estate using fractional ownership,for people having low income and credit scores.
Mammoth MMT 2018-06-18 2018-06-29
Mammoth PAY vision is to create a globally access ible alternative to traditional banking, allowing you to store your money safely, access it instantly and transact with it anywhere, in any currency including crypto by using the MMT token, right from your smartphone.
Treon TXO 2018-06-18 2018-07-17
Utilities Bill Payments Made Simple: Pay telecom, electricity, gas, and water bills with one click.
FTEC FTEC 2018-06-20 2018-07-18
FTEC is an ecosystem of intelligent services and neural networks for conducting effective trading activities on cryptocurrency markets.
PAYERA PERA 2018-06-20 2018-07-18
Our vision is to become the crypto enterprise with the biggest number of users worldwide, the place where crypto owners can do online-shopping worry-free. We are also seeking to become the leading global and universal crypto platform
Hupplat HUP 2018-06-21 2018-10-31
Blockchain for Books - Crypto Gain for Authors and Readers
Phoneum PHM 2018-06-21 2018-07-21
Phoneum - Mobile only cryptocurrency!
Afeli AEI 2018-06-23 2018-07-23
Afeli is an innovative 3D marketplace, integrating with the next generation social network.
Smart Trip Platform TASH 2018-06-25 2018-07-22
A blockchain-enabled ecosystem that connects travelers and travel service providers to create unforgettable trips. DBCC 2018-06-26 2018-07-24
Merging Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology to Bring Critical Information to the World
Keplertek Technologies KEP 2018-06-26 2018-07-17
Kepler Technologies AI&Robotics Ecosystem Powered by Blockchain Kepler Technology is dedicated to the development of a fair, simple, and reliable social network universe that will help transform innovative ideas into reality by bringing people around the world to work together.
Typerium TYPE 2018-06-26 2018-07-23
Piracy is a huge problem for content creators. Typerium plans to change that, forever. We're building a decentralised content-creation platform, social media network, and marketplace, that's geared towards the more than 2.4 billion content consumers worldwide.
AirPod APOD 2018-06-27 2018-07-27
Transforming Travel and Napping Industry
Holdvest HDL 2018-06-27 2018-07-26
Your universal gateway to the crypto markets
CEEK Smart VR Token CEEK 2018-06-28 2018-07-12
CEEK is a Virtual Reality platform for streamed live events and productions.
PIG WORLD PICOS 2018-06-28 2018-07-18
Online gambling platform with No cheating, 0% Betting fees, No waiting for transaction confirmation
Trilliant TRIL 2018-06-28 2018-07-12
Fractional Ownership Programs for Cryptocurrency ATMs
Switcoin SWIT 2018-06-30 2018-08-11
Token with its own blockchain that increases its demand autonomously by matching users with similar interests and monetizing their meetings
Fair Ninja YSH 2018-06-30 2018-08-01
Worldwide Classifieds Marketplace For Trading Goods And Services Using Blockchain Technology
INGOT Coin IC 2018-07-01 2018-08-11
Creating a one-stop-shop Ecosystem that will link the Crypto markets to the current financial markets.
FLIPNPIK FNP 2018-07-01 2018-10-31
The first collaborative social media dedicated to local businesses
HeliosCoin HLC 2018-07-01 2018-10-01
Make nining ideal and autonomous.
IDMoney IDM 2018-07-01 2018-08-31
Play IDMoney, Win and Help! We are a social, public and global governance model.
imusify IMU 2018-07-01 2018-07-31
A fully decentralized music platform for generating artist income and facilitating connection between creators and consumers.
IRIS Token IRIS 2018-07-01 2018-07-31
BlockChain Based Electronic Healthcare Record
Minery MNRY 2018-07-01 2018-09-30
Minery is a turnkey mining solution: we procure the hardware, install and set it up. In case of breakdowns we repair it right on the spot.
NurseToken NUR 2018-07-01 2018-10-31
There’s a worldwide shortage of nurses that’s hit crisis levels. NurseToken tackles this problem head on with a de-centralized credential & payment system that increases nurse portability, enables hospitals to fill much needed positions on-demand, and offers more uniform and universalized payments to nurses worldwide.
OUNA OUNA 2018-07-01 2018-07-31
The innovative employee assessment and recruitment platform – based on the decentralized blockchain technology
PaxPay PAX 2018-07-01 2018-08-26
Creating a revolutionary payments system: The new way to Send, Spend, Receive, and Repeat.
ROOMDAO RDC 2018-07-01 2018-07-30
Decentralised marketplace for travellers and suppliers
SamBanx SAM 2018-07-01 2018-09-30
SamBanx - payment provider which allow connecting crypto-assets with any European bank accounts! Thanks to PSD-2 and SEPA Instant Payments - you can make deposits and withdrawals in seconds, just in 1 click. We are building REAL, STRONG AND COMPLEX fintech product. Our technical team has 25 years experiences in banking software. Our advisors and founders have a huge track record in business and finance fields.
ShareLock SHX 2018-07-01 2018-07-31
The Revolution of Bicycling
UnbankedX UBX 2018-07-01 2018-08-30
We are the world’s first true blockchain powered robo cryptobank
Webcoin WEB 2018-07-01 2018-08-01
Webcoin pioneers the technological dawn of global marketing digitalization.
Beyond Seen Screen BSSX 2018-07-02 2018-07-08
Beyond Seen Screen - The missing link between video & content
You42 U42 2018-07-02 2018-09-02
The World’s Premiere Social Entertainment Platform
KINEKT Terminals XKN 2018-07-02 2018-07-31
The world's 1st transaction agnostic blockchain integrated terminal.
ONe Network OBT 2018-07-03 2018-08-28
Bringing back Privacy, Freedom, and Control to the Individual and their Social Experience!
DICEGAME DICE 2018-07-07 2018-08-07
The DICEGAME platform builds a fair and transparent ground for P2P games. We retrieve user’s trust by wrapping all the game logic into the smart-contracts based on the blockchain. The platform provides tha playground for the P2P game with up 50% of winning odds. We decentralize everything in the DICEGAME platform: only white box algorithms, clear and user-friendly conditions of games, fast and transparent transactions, no limitations on deposits and withdrawals.
Free Market Token FMT 2018-07-07 2018-08-07
Free Market Token A powerful utility token designed for e-commerce.
BotGaming BOT 2018-07-09 2018-08-06
BotGaming is a blockchain powered gambling platform for messenger bots.
Bryllite BRC 2018-07-09 2018-07-27
Bryllite Beyond the Game Boundaries:Global game asset transfer platform
LICERIO LCR 2018-07-10 2018-09-21
Your customer is your advertisement.
Metabase META 2018-07-10 2018-08-07
A Scalable Blockchain Platform to Build and Monetise Next-Generation Businesses.
Online OIO 2018-07-10 2018-07-31 platform aims at revolutionizing the browsing experience.
EO.Trade EO 2018-07-16 2018-08-31
Leading Online Broker introduces new products for crypto world: EO.Trade crypto exchange, EO.Finance wallet and EO.News portal
IDGO KINWA 2018-07-16 2018-08-16
IDGO is an ICO project benefit the token holder as the indigenous economy grows while supporting the sustainable development of the indigenous communities.
Pool of Stake PSK 2018-07-20 2018-07-20
Pool of Stake (PSK) is a first of its kind, decentralized pool for Proof of Stake, the future of blockchain. PoS coin holders can unite in the Pool of Stake and start Mining 2.0, generate daily forging s by simply staking their PoS coins. PSK is a fully decentralized, self-regulated and completely trustless pool due to the powerful use of Smart Contracts and globally distributed nodes.
Hala HALA 2018-07-23 2018-08-23
Hala is an AI Platform for business with the decentralized knowledge base on the blockchain.
NCRYPTO Networks NCR 2018-07-23 2018-09-30
NCRYPTO.IO - crypto assets network that makes the complex simple
Lancer Network LNW 2018-07-26 2018-09-26
Onlain labor market in the field of blockchain
woow-cams WCC 2018-07-27 2018-09-21
woow-cams show 18+ with the introduction of blockchain technology
UnitedFans GOAL 2018-07-31 2018-09-30
The First Trustworthy Soccer Team Management Platform
MBYS MESH 2018-08-01 2018-09-01
MBYS is a decentralized professional network and data marketplace.
NWPSolution NWP 2018-08-01 2019-12-01
Healthcare Ecosystem on blockchain managed by individuals
Pallium PLMT 2018-08-01 2019-05-01
Pallium is a platform for the quick learning, easy deployment, and secure storage of AI models in a decentralized environment.
Paytomat PTI 2018-08-01 2018-08-20
Decentralized Franchise, Loyalty Program and DAO for Crypto Payments
MatrixONE MAT 2018-08-04 2018-08-05
MatrixONE is the creation of a new era in wealth management, it is a platform governed by smart contracts and gives investors the liberty to be in full control over their assets.
Monoreto MNR 2018-08-15 2018-09-30
Monoreto is a blockchain-based social network where everyone can get rewards for their unique content.
Talenthon TCOIN 2018-08-16 2018-09-16
A unique UK recruitment platform that uses Blockchain and Gamification technology
Crypto Lotto Coin CLX 2018-08-20 2018-10-28
World Crypto Lotto is a decentralized online lottery system offering the best odds in the world.
LocalXpose LXP 2018-08-20 2018-09-20
LocalXpose is P2P reverse proxy platform that enables you to expose your localhost to the internet
Undal Prime Token UPT 2018-08-31 2018-09-30
We are a decentralised advanced technologies company that focuses on creating kickass technological solutions for the average issues Africans faced today
Dylyver DYC 2018-09-01 2018-10-31
Dylyver is a ride sharing platform and an on demand delivery marketplace.
GeoToken GTK 2018-09-01 2019-01-31
Bringing power of Blockchain to institutions
World Bit Bank WBB 2018-09-01 2019-01-31
The world’s first legal cryptocurrency bank
EXMO Coin EXO 2018-09-10 2018-10-10
Receive dividends from EXMO margin loans system
Energy Premier EPC 2018-09-21 2018-10-31
Next generation electricity trading platform
Bloquid BQT 2018-10-01 2018-11-30
transforming real estate into liquid digital asset
DapCash DAPG 2018-10-01 2018-12-28
First post-quantum crypto currency.
IOV IOV 2018-10-01 2018-10-15
Universal protocol for blockchain and wallet users
AUTOBAY ABX 2018-10-07 2018-08-21
Autobay is the first decentralized e-commerce platform that allows its users to Buy, Sell and Auction any vehicle with cryptocurrencies.
BizShake BZS 2018-10-15 2018-10-31
The P2P Sharing Ecosystem on Neo Blockchain through Tokenization of Real-World Assets
Bounty Angels BANG 2018-11-19 2018-12-19
The Bounty Angels Platform is a solution for Bounty Hunters.
Bitbose BOSE 2018-12-07 2019-03-01
BitBose: The Future Of Crypto Investment
777.Bingo 777 TBD TBD
BINGO is the first pan entertainment platform for decentralized blockchain in the world.
Ethereum based social network using IPFS for storage
Akropolis AKT TBD TBD
Blockchain Pensions Infrastructure
Security Protocol for the Internet of Things
Supply-curve modeled cryptocurrency
A decentralized margin lending protocol & liquidation oracle marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain.
Bankorus BKT TBD TBD
Bankorus is the first AI-powered, crypto-wealth management platform and security token marketplace built on the blockchain.
bitNatura BN TBD TBD
The natural capital marketplace
Empower the world’s creators
A decentralized payment platform enabling the creation of robust applications
C2Legacy Technologies C2L TBD TBD
C2Legacy will be the first blockchain to globally verify death.
Cardstack CARD TBD TBD
The experience layer of the decentralized internet
Saving the World, One Currency Transaction at a Time
Carry - a protocol that powers the next generation of apps for offline retail, delivering real incentives that enable consumers, merchants and advertisers alike.
Revolutionizing Art Monetization
Building on Ethereum for mainstream transaction of value
The decentralised cloud
Delicia is a decentralized food network powered by Blockchain and AI. It maximizes food utilization and reduces wastage. It offers real-time search for excess food at restaurants, grocery & packaged food stores and helps route them to buyers at discounted price.
The Smart Contract Ecosystem For Everyone
DreamPlay aims to build world’s first and largest legally licensed online gambling platform using blockchain technology
Block Collider EBM TBD TBD
A mineable multi-chain protocol for stable coins, decentralized exchanges, and meta contracts.
Edenchain EDN TBD TBD
Freerange EGG TBD TBD
Monetize your knowledge and put your brain on the blockchain!
empowr Coin EMPR TBD TBD
A collaboration between top U.S. professors and seasoned Silicon Valley technologists, empowr is the world’s first platform to seamlessly integrate a next-generation social network, marketplace, virtual currency, educational organization and political system so that the community can self-govern.
EverMarkets EVR TBD TBD
EverMarkets is a cheaper, fairer, and easier way to trade futures.
Feelium offers a tokenized platform that will allow contractual transactions to become simpler and more secure.
Decentralized encrypted database for sensitive data
Foam Protocol FOAM TBD TBD
The Future of Proof of Location
Global blockchain ecosystem for agriculture and food businesses
Fr8 Network FR8 TBD TBD
A decentralized protocol for the freight industry.
Financial infrastructure for the crypto economy
Beyond Blockchain
Freelance marketplace
In an ancient age, all fight to be the most powerful ones in the entire kingdom. Get your GOP to be able to work in the forge and create items.
A highly scalable, low cost mobile first network infrastructure for Ethereum.
The $7.6 Trillion Healthcare Industry's New Operating System: a blockchain-based incentivized global health platform
Emrify Health Passport HIT TBD TBD
Decentralizing the Personal Health Record so you can be the CEO of your Health
P2P Oracle System and Prediction Marketplace
Health Cash HLTH TBD TBD
The globally HIPAA-compatible protocol unleashing the value of healthcare data HRC TBD TBD
The Future of AI-Powered Cybersecurity
Hyperion Fund HWT TBD TBD
Decentralized energy supply platform which helps households and businesses to acquire energy directly from Hyperion Foundation`s affiliated and non-affiliated partners at fixed prices.
HybridBlock HYB TBD TBD
The all-in-one cryptocurrency trading ecosystem
Invictus Hyprion Fund IHP TBD TBD
Diverse investment in the top up-and-coming ICO projcets
Intellium INTL TBD TBD
Cryptocurency backed accelerator for the new digital age
Decem is creating a link between the old and the new economy, with creating an instant, secure, user-friendly, low-cost payment system using blockchain, backed by one-to-one reserve ratio in fiat currency.
Blockchain economy for online publishers
Face recognition made easy
Keep Network KEEP TBD TBD
Keeps provide a bridge between the world of public blockchains and private data.
Kyber Network KNC TBD TBD
On-chain, instant and liquid platform for exchange and payment service
P2P-interchange platform
Libra Credit LBA TBD TBD
A decentralized lending ecosystem that facilitates open access to credit anywhere and anytime based on the Ethereum blockchain.
Linker Coin LNC TBD TBD
"The ""Linker"" is a collection of the systems which facilitate the inter-transaction between Linker Coin and various economic networks built on crypto-currency market, financial market, e-commerce market, etc. ​
Loki Network LOKI TBD TBD
Trade and Communicate with Absolute Freedom.
Decentralized ICO Marketplace with built in wallet, buy-now button and community layer.
Mainframe MFT TBD TBD
A decentralized network for censorship- resistant message routing.
Decentralized drinks ordering and tipping
MATRIKAS provides first decentralised digital Video platform accepting cryptocurrencies for digital promotion.
Metronome MTN TBD TBD
Metronome is the first cryptocurrency capable of being exported and imported across chains.
Niobio Cash NBR TBD TBD
Nióbio Cash authentic cryptocurrency
Neon Exchange NEX TBD TBD
NEX is a platform for complex decentralized cryptographic trade and payment service creation
NuCypher KMS is HTTPS for dApps.s
Free the bits, rebuild the Internet we always wanted
OpenFinance Network OFN TBD TBD
OpenFinance Network is a security token issuance, trading, clearing and settlement platform.
A Universal Blockchain Protocol Enabling Cross-ledger Access through Business Modularization
Orchid Protocol ORC TBD TBD
Enabling Decentralized Network Formation and Probabilistic Micro-Payments
Origin Protocol ORIGIN TBD TBD
The sharing economy without intermediaries
Owndata is a blockchain based data exchange platform! Owndata is a crypto marketplace for data sellers and buyers.
The first native multi-chain system that supports EVM in the world. Making large-scale blockchain applications possible.
The Blockchain Dispute Resolution Layer Kleros provides fast, secure and affordable arbitration for virtually everything.
Connects physical and digital
Promether PYRO TBD TBD
Promether is a new type of network called an Adaptive Symbiotic Network (ASN).
PRIZM - The New Generation Cryptocurrency
Qilimanjaro QBIT TBD TBD
Quantum Computation at your fingertips
QuarkChain QKC TBD TBD
QuarkChain is a high-capacity peer-to-peer transaction system.
Rublix is developing a unique ecosystem for investors, traders and market professionals. A place where reputation and accuracy dominates.
Digitalizing real estate ownerships
Rover Coin ROE TBD TBD
Rover Coin (ROE), is an open-source, peer-to-peer, digital currency, designed and engineered for maximizing decentralization, opportunities for earnings, diversified network and hybrid systems.
Alchemint SDT TBD TBD
Alchemint, a smart contract platform on top of NEO’s blockchain, is de-signed to offer consumer grade fiat-pegged crypto-currencies leveraging the distributed ledger tech-nology and smart contract and is committed to building up a decentralized, resilient, open and trans-parent system of price-stable crypto-currency.
Seele is empowered by an up-scalable Neural Consensus protocol for high throughput concurrency among large scale heterogeneous nodes and is able to form unique heterogeneous forest multi-chain ecosystem
StreamToken STR TBD TBD
The Stream Token is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that lets content creators get paid with absolutely no middleman taking a cut. Every Stream Token a creator earns, they keep.
Sweetbridge SWC TBD TBD
A blockchain-based protocol stack for global commerce and supply chains
A decentralized app for KYC
Big Data Block TBD TBD TBD
The Democratization of BigData.
A device that transforms clothes into data-collecting and identity tools
A scalable verification solution for blockchains
Sentinel Protocol UPP TBD TBD
Operating on blockchain technology, Sentinel Protocol harnesses collective cyber security intelligence to protect crypto assets against hackers, scams and fraud.
Voting for a mobile world
Decentralized Effective Funding
Video Infrastructure for the Blockchain-Enabled Internet
Virtue Poker VPP TBD TBD
The future of online poker
Verifier VRF TBD TBD
Verifier is an innovative technology designed to verify identity, events, deals, and any other kind of data. This is a blockchain based solution that verifies data quickly, accurately, reliably, and securely.
The Future Of Insurance
Wireline WRL TBD TBD
Crowdfunding Green Energy With Ethereum Blockchain
The World 1st Global Medical Blockchain + AI Big Data Platform
Xsure platform is to position itself between the insurer and insuree, thus helping both parties find the most suitable solution, in a transparent, and privacy-oriented process.
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